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Jun 5, 2008 01:19 PM

Live spot prawns?

I want to do a sort of mexican salad with these guys I'm picking up Saturday. Would grilling be the best thing for them? Should I toss them on still kicking? What about maybe letting them hang out in sake for a while and then sauteeing them? Sort of fusiony?

Frankly, I love them raw, right after you rip the head off and peel 'em, but I think my guest may blanche and faint at that!

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  1. I like to kill them first - pull the head off, peel, marinade and grill. I'd do a tequila lime marinade since you're going for mexican - I've had good luck with grilling or sauteing once I've gotten them drunk

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      Drunk shrimp are better!

      Anejo, reposado or what? I like the idea of the arinade, but what type of tequila do you use? (type, not brand)

      I always find that shrimp and prawns do better in drunken marinades if you put them in live, so they aspirate some of it. Cruel, I know. Then again, if the tequila's good, maybe they don't mind so much. After all, having one's head pulled off when one is sober can't be much fun!