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Jun 5, 2008 01:04 PM

ISO: Giant Fortune Cookies

I am looking for a company in the GTA that makes giant fortune cookies. I have seen them at a school where they were selling them for fundraising, but they were unable to tell me where they got them because they were donated by a parent. Does anyone know of where I could find them? I thought it would be a fun parting gift for my in-laws' 60th wedding anniversary party!

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  1. Hey! I don't live in Toronto but we have a company here in Indianapolis, IN that makes giant fortune cookies. When I ordered one and picked it up I asked if they just do business locally and they said they ship all over the world. You might want to just check with them in any case. is the site. Hope this helps!

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      What a coincidence! I happened to find this site myself and am planning on ordering from them. Instead, I think I will be going for the normal-sized, flavoured ones since I would need about 20 large ones and I just can't afford that! Thanks!

    2. Call the following company as they mfg fortune cookies and are located within the area.

      Far East Food Products Ltd
      273 Enford Rd
      Richmond Hill , ON L4C 3E9
      (905) 883 8717

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