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Jun 5, 2008 12:43 PM

Mt Sinai Delivery

Since there’s not much in sit-down dining (I searched and found little) are there any good delivery options to Mt. Sinai? A previous poster mentioned a lot of businesses on 2nd Ave in the 90s are hurting because of the construction – would they delivery to the hospital or is it too far?

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  1. El Paso Taqueria is a great option up there. It is informal and you can sit down and eat relatively quickly but, they will also deliver. They also have a spot at about 104th and Madison, I believe. I thought the tacos were their best offerings, as compared to the enchiladas and such. Drinks were relatively weak. They also had a very good sopa de tortilla. El Paso is on 97th, between Park and Madision, I walked by there today.