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Jun 5, 2008 11:49 AM

Asian (or Asian-Fusion) Restaurants with Good Winelists

I'm a NY-base writer who's working on a project about how Asian or Asian-Fusion restaurants approach wine pairing. Though I have a handle on how people approach the subject in NY, I thought I'd cross the border, virtually, anyway, to see if there are different approaches. Probably not, but no harm in asking.

Can anyone recommend a few restaurants that have good winelists? The food does not have to be exceptional, or even formal. But they should pay attention to their wine, at least a bit.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Hi Jar, these are some obvious higher end ones: if you go to you can download the winelist from Susur (which although just closed it's doors, as Susur Lee is opening a new place in NYC, the site is still up) and you can check out the still open Lee wine list. Check out Rain: and Blowfish too:

      1. Rain (
        and Fune (
        both have good wine list.
        I love Rain; never a bad experience (contrary to many reviews) and the decor is fantastic
        Fune is a hit or miss. But I have always have good service there.
        Both are highend asian fusion.

        For a more modest selection,
        Kalendar on college st ( is a good modern Indian place with hip college st regulars.