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Jun 5, 2008 11:45 AM

Pizzicato in Marlton, NJ

I ate here last Sunday. Before I post my thoughts has anyone else eaten here and have comments.

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  1. We have not been there but when walking around that outdoor shopping mall on a nice day, you get some nice aroma's coming from their kitchen.

    That is not much to go on but looks like a nice place to try plus it keeps my wife out of the stores :))

    1. I have eaten at the Pizzicato in Philly, but not in Jersey. The Philly branch is pretty good. Down around 2nd or 3rd and Market. I like the crab cake app - it has a really good orangey citrus dipping sauce.

      1. We went here because I have liked the food at Pizzicato in Philly. So since we were in South Jersey for a family event we decided eat light and have an early dinner on the drive back home. We arrived at 4:50. The place was nearly empty as you might expect and the hostess, waiter and chef were all sitting together grabbing a bite. We were left standing at the reception desk for so long I was nearly tempted to turn around and walk out, except I recognized the chef. When we were seated and I pointed out to my wife that the chef was Chef Matt from Hell’s Kitchen. Being the chef on duty on Sunday at 5:00 most likely means you are not in charge. That’s probably a good thing for Matt because if he is in fact in charge here he learned nothing from Gordon Ramsey. To start with, my wife’s bread plate was dirty – there was something stuck to it that had not scrubbed off in the dish washer. I can’t think of any excuse for using a dirty plate when setting tables. As this is a BYOB we were given stemware. The stemware was covered in dried water spots. Again, the sort of oversight of detail that Chef Ramsey would never tolerate and no decent restaurant should allow. Use cleaned and dried glasses – not spot covered ones! The food here is not as good as the food in Philly. The citrus dipping sauce for the crab cakes was the same but the crab cakes themselves did not seem as good. My big mistake was ordering the spinach gnocchi. I know that gnocchi tends to be heavy, but my two complaints with it were that it seemed gummy as if under cooked and second, it had every sign of being factory made. Each piece looked as if it had been extruded from a tube and cut by machine because every piece was the same exact size. I expect the gummy quality is because it was pulled from the freezer and thawed some before being boiled and served. Overall a forgettable dining experience. As for Chef Matt, while it would appear he learned nothing from Gordon Ramsey, he is reveling in his “celebrity” status actually being asked for and giving autographs!

        1. I, too, have only been to the one in Philadelphia. I agree with Melitaman...a forgettable experience. Actually, I have tried the Philadelphia location twice, once in February and once in May. On my first visit, the place had about 2 other couples dining. We had to wait about 15 minutes before our waitress even came over to our table. From where we were sitting we could see that she was on the phone. When she finally came over, she apologized saying that she couldn’t hang up because she was talking to the owner! I was pretty appalled by this…WE are the customers! Shouldn’t the owner want her to hang up immediately when there were patrons waiting?!? Other than this, the service was passable. Food was bland.

          On the second visit (a Thursday evening), it was very crowded. This was likely due to the fact that it was one of the first evenings this year that was warm enough to dine outdoors. They have a good number of tables for outdoor seating, about 12 or so, which is nice. However, like the first time, the food was a let down. I don’t remember what I got the first time. I think the second time was a pasta dish with crabmeat, shrimp and cherry tomatoes. I remember the tomatoes being the most flavorful part of the dish…and I don’t even like tomatoes and rarely eat them! I don’t plan on returning and wouldn’t recommend this place, especially with so many other great choices in the area.

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            I'll agree the service in Philly has sometimes not been great, but I've never had any complaints about the food. Same goes for my wife. There is an avacado salad she really likes.

          2. DH and I ate there last summer, because it was either there or Cold Stone Creamery for dinner. Our meals were nothing special, and we haven't felt any desire to go back.