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Jun 5, 2008 11:27 AM

Rome, GA - Atlanta - Macon

Hello All!

A few questions..

Dallas hound who once lived in N.Ga. here :). The family is going on a trip to Georgia soon. We'll be in Rome,GA for a few days, then driving down to Macon,GA. I haven't been to Rome since 2000 and am sure things changed food wise (hopefully).

Any great places to eat in either spot that tolerate well-behaved 3 year olds? Also, I'm up for an upscale casual and nice atmosphere spot (read: date night) in Macon/Warner Robins, but not in Rome.

Please nothing in Atlanta, as I have that day planned in my mind ;). Although, I'm willing to be swayed in terms of an ice cream place (love Paolo's, may try Morelli's).

Sorry this is so long, I just don't remember much in terms of food in Rome.

No seafood places, please. :).

Thanks for any help!

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  1. My father lives in Rome and they always like La Scala..high end Italian. Also for more casual, I think is cafe downtown (so is La Scala) called Blue Moon...its good.

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      I would stay away from La Scala. It is not that good for the price and can be downright horrible.

      For a good meal, I would recommend Rosie's. It is very good mexican and pretty affordable. For the kids, Shroeder's on Broad is very inexpensive and pretty tasty. Harvest Moon is another one, very good food for lunch.

      Unfortunately, Rome does not have much to offer in the way of fine dining or even for the most part quality non-chain restos. If I think of more, I will post them for you.

      For Macon, I would highly recommend H&H downtown and Jeaneanes (sp). Both are excellent meat and three place with H&H having the best fried chicken I have ever had.

      Also, on the way to Macon, stop at exit 201, take a right off the ramp if heading south on 75 and at the light take a right. You will see Buckner's down the road a bit on your right. Stop in and dig in. It is a gem and worth the stop.

    2. In Macon, go to Ingleside Village Pizza. So kid friendly, they even give dough to the children to play with. Hand-thrown pizzas, very good, with a nice beer selection. Here's a link with the menu and directions:

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        Awesome, thanks guys! I used to go to La Scala. Glad it's still around. All the recs sound great.