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Jun 5, 2008 11:06 AM

White Plains: Hito Asian Bistro & Sushi

Sign out front on Westchester Ave. (former Finn McCool's) now says "Grand Opening". I haven't stopped to run and look at the menu but does anyone know anything more about this place, such as what it will serve (besides sushi) and when it will be opening?

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  1. We ate their last night and really enjoyed it. The service was very attentive, the prices are reasonable, and it was delicious. The menu is Chinese and Japanese, I had udon noodles that were excellent.

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      Finally went on Friday night. Ditto what Kobe says. We started with the seafood/egg drop soup. It was tasty, but I think the only seafood was the surimi (fake crab). Then for the table we had shrimp lo mein (good, did not taste like the bottom of an old wok like at some places, very generous with the shrimp), sesame chicken (good but not out of the ordinary) and a chicken-shrimp Indonesian samba (made with shrimp paste), very tasty, generous serving.

      Service was very solicitous, and we were served complimentary marinated celery (like a spicy mustard type of sauce) and edaname. Other diners seemed to really enjoy their meals, saw some good looking appetizers. They have a full sushi menu, nice lunch menu and a whole range of Asian hot dishes from samba to curry to teriyaki. Reminded me of Water Moon, but more low key and less pricey.

      I was very much amused by how much the place has changed from its Finn McCool days-- so bright and clean, barely recognizable.

      I bet an assertive Chowhounder could talk the owner into serving Pho, they seemed very willing to please!

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        I implore all chowhounds that go to ask them about serving Pho! I feel a summer cold coming on and all I can think about is how good some Pho would be right now.
        Were there any Vietnamese dishes on the menu?

    2. I haven't been here yet, but I did receive the mailer with the take out menu on it. Under the chef's special rolls there was one called "Channukah Roll" which consisted partially of smoked salmon. I am not one for political correctness but I am still baffled by this choice of names. Maybe if it was a latke (potato pancake) roll....but smoked salmon? That isn't even a traditional Channukah food!

      1. Ate there last Thursday. Enjoyed the sushi and the chinese entrees were decent. However, I got a really bad headache an hour or so later. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I had some leftovers the next night and same reaction. It has been a while since I have had to say, "no MSG". I wonder if anyone had a similar reaction?? I am rooting for the place to be good - I hope my headaches were from something else.

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        1. re: anchovy

          Momof3: It's funny you should mention the Chanukah roll because everyone who picked up the menu within hearing distance seemed to zone in on that. I think they are just catering (pandering?) to their audience. I personally never pay any attention to sushi with cream cheese or mayo in it, it just goes against the grain.

          Anchovy: we had the Chinese, and I am very sensitive to MSG and did not get a headache that night. But who knows, may be worth asking about next time, they seem willing to please. I'm rooting for this place to be good to, and want to try out their lunch menu.

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            DH and I tried it out last night for a quick dinner. they were very accomodating and eager to please. We didn't even ask and they took 10% off the bill as a grand opening promotion. As dimsum said, the decor is way brighter and more pleasant than the previous bar. They still need to fix up that parking lot, but free parking in White plains is too good to complain about. We loved the celery appetizer and wished we had more of it. Mr is had seafood in a spicy sauce and wonton soup. the wontons looked handmade and tender. i stated with the chicken satay which was two skewere of chicken in a thai type of marinade. It was spicy but pleasantly so, not too hot. I went on to the house special udon noodles. There was a great big dish of the fat slippery noodles in a light sauce and loads of shrimp chicken and pork.
            We did not have dessert but the next table looked happy with their fried ice cream and green tea ice cream.
            The tab was about thirty dollars less our little discount. I would not hesitate to try it again and I am looking forward to going one day for lunch since the menu promises soup or sald and rice plus an entree for 6.95-10.95, or 9.95 for a bento box with miso soup, california roll and shumai and rice plus entree.
            I still would love to know the story behind the distressingly named Chanukah roll, but the waitresse were so polite and obsequious I didn't want to upset them.

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              Do they serve wine/beer there?

              1. re: Shawn

                Good question...they are still waiting for their liquor license.

                  1. re: dolores

                    Dolores, they have a rather large bar, I'm betting they'll be serving up some sake & frou frou drinks in no time!

                    Lucy, I'm a little jealous of your discount!

        2. By all means DON'T drive passed Hito again! Treat yourself to a wonderful meal. Host Thomas and his staff will welcome you warmly. Chef Tony (formerly of Nobu) will create some of the best sushi dishes you've ever experienced. Try the Black Peppered Tuna Salad. You'll be sorry they don't serve bread to lap up every last drop of the dressing. Enjoy Rock Shrimp Tempura for 1/3 of the price of Nobu. You don't have to travel to Manhattan for a first class dining experience.

          1. We had an early dinner there tonight. I liked it a lot. We started out with an order of tempura squid. It was very light, not greasy and came with a slightly spicy mango peppercorn sauce. Very nice. We also had one of the unfortunately named Chanukah rolls, because we felt we "had to." It was quite good. No cream cheese, and if there was mayo, it was very light. The fish was very good and fresh and the flavors went well together. It put the special rolls at a place like Toyo to shame, the fish was so much fresher and better.

            For entrees, I had the peppercorn chicken and my husband had the green beans with pork and garlic sauce. Both were good-- the dishes reminded me of what you get at Golden Rod in New Rochelle, but with larger portions. They were above average in terms of what you'd get at a neighborhood place, but not up to the quality of Aberdeen, in my opinion. The service was very friendly and they tried hard to please.

            All in all, it was a very nice dining experience. I will definitely return. They don't have a liquor license yet, but we brought our own wine. The bill came to $43 plus tip, which we thought was quite reasonable for the amount and quality of the food. Next time I go I will probably stick more to the Japanese side of the menu.