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Jun 5, 2008 11:00 AM

Favorite Polish Bakery in Greenpoint/N. Williamsburg?

Does anyone have a favorite of the many Polish bakeries around Greenpoint and North Williamsburg? There are so many but I am not sure which ones are worth gong to. I am looking for a place that produces its own bread on site, if possible.

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  1. i have yet to try it, but several people here highly recommend syrena. they supply many of the places in the area. the new warsaw bakery, which is at the end of manhattan ave by mccarren park, is another big local supplier. we occasionally get fresh loaves there on the weekend. for sweets, i like jubilatka (also on manhattan).

    1. I've always liked Rezeszowska Bakery a couple blocks north of Greenpoint for their challah type breads.

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        I have to second Rezeszowska. Their cheese Babka is fantastic.