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Jun 5, 2008 10:57 AM

22 and park ave south-need cheap lunch not shakeshack

need some places that are good. im getting tired of shake shack

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  1. My top three are:


    More ideas:

    1. eisenbergs
      city bakery

      1. When I used to live around there, I liked Lamarca on 22nd and 3rd for pasta. In fact there were several nice not too expensive restaurants on 3rd if that is not too far for you. I also agree with eisenbergs, love the egg creams.

        1. I used to work at 25th and Park...
          -I love the burger place on Park (the name is escaping me) - but if you head north it's on your right side, maybe around 24th. Burgers are amazing, so are the onion rings and the chili!
          -Rafiqi's food cart - SO GOOD - this is on the opposite side of the street from the burger place, in front of the Credit Suisse building.
          -Pax on 23rd/Park actually has good margherita pizzas
          -There's a cheap italian/pizza place on 22nd ish that has ok pasta
          -Hale and Hearty Soups

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            NY Burger Co? Their patties are always overcooked, dry, and bland. They need serious seasoning, but the custom ketchups and such are nice.

          2. I LOVE Bao Noodles on 3rd Ave between 22nd and 23rd. The steak salad, the salt and pepper shrimp. Yum! Service is hit or miss, but cheap and good fresh food.