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Jun 5, 2008 10:53 AM

Lakers and Celtics. Where?

The finals start tonight and I'm looking for suggestion on where to watch. I watched the semi-finals at both the Bowery and Barney's Beanery. While the Bowery has decent food the crowd is dead and really doesn't care about the game. The Beanery was way more fun thanks to the lively crowd but the food is dreadful. So, I guess I'm looking for a lively place with decent food to watch the finals. Anything between WeHo and Echo Park would be the most convenient. Thanks!

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  1. I've watched games at Busby's in Santa Monica...I know its not b/w Bowery and the Beanery, but its pretty good.

    ooh, just remembered...try 3RD STOP on 3rd b/w Robertson and La Cienega Blvds. Across from Cedars.

    1. Big Wangs or Happy Ending Bar are always fun sports bars with decent food. Both are in Hollywood.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I forgot about Big Wangs. Had a really fun time there during The World Cup a couple years ago.

        Santa Monica is too far but I will look into the 3rd Stop.

        Please chime if more hounds have suggestions!

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          3rd Stop is great for watching A game, but it's not good for watching a great game. It doesn't have a full bar and I think it won't deliver on the sports atmosphere front. If i was looking for a place to relax and catch a game after work with a couple buddies it could be great. But for as big a sporting event as the Lakers-Celts are - i'd just go to a regular sports bar. Big Wangs will probably be fine. For my taste, Q's on Wilshire is good. the food is nothing special, but it's not bad, there is a full bar, decent beer on tap and a true sports atmosphere without feeling like a dive bar.

        2. Taix
          The Palm Downtown in the bar

          1. I recieved an email from Jiraffe, appearently they are also showing the play-offs. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. The food is bound to be far and above pub fare and of course good wine abounds. They also have a full bar...and valet parking.