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Jun 5, 2008 10:40 AM

Shelf life for Roasted Chicken

I roasted a chicken on Sunday. Couldn't eat it all. It's now Thursday.
Can I still eat it without tempting fate????

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  1. I think that's stretching it and we go by "better safe than sorry" in our house. I once ate questionable turkey and still remember the episode. Yuck!

      1. If you won't eat it as is, certainly don't make soup either.. if it's bad, it's bad, no matter what you do with it. Personally, I wouldn't touch it.

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          Right. Open a can of soup if that's all you have.
          I generally follow a three day rule myself. If it can't be eaten in three days after first getting cooked fresh, it's no longer safe to eat.
          Food poisoning is not fun, and not something you'd want to risk.

        2. Well, I think it depends more on the condition of the chicken. How soon did you get it refrigerated? How long did it sit around at room temperature? I frequently keep roasted chicken up to a week with no problem, but I am careful about those 2 issues. Never gotten sick, nor has anyone else in my family.