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Jun 5, 2008 10:30 AM

Birmingham Blueberries

Anyone stumbled upon some yet? Grocery store blueberries won't do. I need the sun-warmed, big-as-my-thumb kind. I heard they came in over the Memorial Day weekend in South Alabama, but I haven't found any in our area. At any rate, I will be at Pepper Place bright and early Saturday with high hopes.

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  1. Definitely go early to Pepper Place. When they have them, they're gone quick. We hope to score some, too.

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    1. re: Big Daddy

      Yup, you can usually find them at Pepper Place. Although the "gone quick part" is a surprise to me. I remember them being plentiful, although last Saturday was the first I've been this year.

      Frankly, Pepper Place is getting less and less worth dealing with the crowds in my opinion. The real farmer's market might be worth a look, too.

      1. re: bovinekid

        There are several u-pick-em farms in the Bham area. I know of one in the Clay/Trussville/Springville area. Besides, berries are best right off the vine.

    2. Just FYI, there is a blueberry (and blackberry) festival this Saturday In Jemison. See:

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      1. re: pinotboy

        I just hit the berry jackpot at Andy's market on Rocky Ridge.

        Alabama blueberries, and the biggest, fattest Alabama blackberries i have ever seen. They look like they are on steroids. Sign says 10-day season. The blackberries I found at Pepper Place Saturday were much smaller. Andy's also had some other good Alabama produce. Summer, oh how I love thee.