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Jun 5, 2008 10:10 AM

4 Days in NYC - 1st Timers - Want the BEST

I've got the Low Down on Bagels and Pizzas from other posts...Thanks for the direction!

We'll likely be staying in the Mid-Town area

How about the best
Dessert Place
Breakfast Place
Cocktail place that doesn't have a cover charge {I don't pay to get in to buy drinks...That's just stupid!}
Italian Deli
Jewish Deli
Cheese cake place

Anything you think is a "Don't Miss" on our first trip to Gothem.

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  1. I don't know if you are a steak eater or not but thats my area of interest and input mostly on these boards. If you are open to traveling to Brooklyn you MUST go to Peter Luger.

    In the city Keens, BLT Prime, and Uncle Jack's are all great.

    For breakfast, Clinton Street Bakery is great but on the weekends its packed.

    1. Junior's for cheescake in grand central

      1. for desserts, i'm a fan of sugar sweet sunshine, but it's more for take-out, not sitting in. dessert truck is great, too, but it's a truck, not a restaurant.
        for breakfast, i love norma's (inside le parker need reservations about a week ahead for weekends) and clinton st bakery (you need's always packed).
        for drinks, it's a little snobby of a crowd and overpriced, but the views are great at 230 Fifth.

        1. try to go to zabar's deli for a new york experience, uws deli, great smokedfish, cheese and prepared food and bakery crowded enough to be full of new yorkers. a good selection of foods and a cooks dream upstairs all the cookware you could ever use( worth going up stairs even if not planning to buy)

          1. Ditto to Zabars, and don't forget the Russian Coffeecake!

            Best Jewish Deli, Katz's on Houston Street, hands down.

            Desserts? depends upon what kind of desserts you like. I like Veniero's on East 11th between 1st and 2nd.