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Jun 5, 2008 09:57 AM

Portugese in Tarrytown

Dear Hounder,

I have heard of a new Portugese restaurant that opened somewhere near the top of Main Street. Can someone confirn that this is true? Do you have the name and perhaps have had a meal?

I'm thinking Portugese tonight (6-5-08) and was thinking Caravella. Perhaps something new and better may exist.


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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I do understand that this is an older thread but the timing is rather interesting. A person just rec. Solmar to me yesterday. Told me that they had a great meal there. Hummm.

    2. I know this is a year too late, but we just ate at Caravella last night before the show at the music hall and it was truly awful. My husband had the garlic shrimp and it wasn't really in a sauce, but crusted in garlic, which would have been ok had the shrimp been cooked properly. They were tough. I had the portugese chicken on the bone, billed as being in a garlic sauce. The sauce did not taste of garlic at all but seemed to be right out of the Franco American can - thick and tasting like a combo of the beef and turkey gravy. UGH. The restaurant needs an update as well. Service was effficient but uncaring. I'll need to find another place to go before the next show!

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      1. re: wincountrygirl

        We've only eaten at Caravella once, too, and for the same reasons wincountrygirl cited. Nothing interesting about the food, ehh on the service. No need to return.

        Any reports on Solmar available? We'd be willing to try it (although we have two Portuquese restaurants in Ossining)

        1. re: Nancy C

          I ate at Solmar last summer, and didn't like it at all. It is actually Portuguese and Brazilian...we ordered Brazilian "specialties" which were either bland or cloyingly sweet. Shellfish were tiny. I much prefer the Ossining Portuguese restaurants, and for more "upscale" Portuguese I like Aquario in Harrison.

          1. re: Marge

            also oporto in hartsdale bland, tasteless food

            1. re: Marge

              Seems to be within several threads, did not see anything on its own-yet.

              Marge-sometimes one just has to go out and explore for themsevles ;>
              )Not over in Tarrytown all that much but now there are at least two places there on my check out list.

            2. re: Nancy C

              I was one of the reports. We are utterly starved for Portuguese food out here in Orange County, so I was really looking forward to it. It was fine, and if the reports I see about Caravela are true, better than Caravela, but as I said in my recap (, I wouldn't make a special trip from someplace far away for it.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                we've had very good Portuguese food at Churrasquera Ribatejo in Ossining

                1. re: jsigalow

                  Haven't been there (cooking more at home these days) but Doca's in Ossining also does Portuguese (perhaps a little bit more upscale the Churrasqueria Ribatejo, which we've visited 2-3 times.

                  1. re: jsigalow

                    Churrasqueria Ribatejo is great, especially if you get a coupon from The back room is much nicer than the front. Maybe not as nice as Doca's but it's definitely cheaper.

              2. re: wincountrygirl

                Wow, i couldn't (respectfully) disagree more. Over the past 3 years i've had at least a dozen wonderful meals at Caravela and everyone i have ever brought there has asked to be taken back.
                As for the service, this is a family owned and run restaurant, the owner and his son Henry are always there and chances are that if Henry is not your waiter, he'll certainly stop by your table to check on your meal. Mom is often there and has a smile that always makes you stand up and give her a hug. They have a wonderful and reasonable wine list and on my last 4 visits i've had Henry make the decision on wine and he's always picked a winner.
                As for the food, i'd be shocked if you didn't ask for extra bread to sop up any remaining sauce from the shrimp lisboeata. Yesterday i had the soft shell crab (which i would never normally order) but it was in the liboeata sauce and i ate every bit of it. For sardine lovers, the sardine appetizer is the perfect size. Main courses of Sea Bass, Red Snapper or yesterday Bronzino are all fresh, perfectly prepaired and served with sauteed vegetables and rice and beans. The portions are very generous. I believe that friday nights they roast a whole suckling pig for those of you not into fish.
                Make certain that you save room for dessert, a vanilla bean cheescake (which is not always on the menu) was wonderful and there are usually at least two different fruit tarts offered.
                Please just look at the menu that they have online (especially the "special" menu) and give them a try. Henry loves to talk, food, cooking techniques and wine and have him introduce you to his mom and dad. If i didn't have the leftovers from yesterday (i told you the portions were generous), i'd spend this rainy saturday over there having lunch (and a few bottles of wine, some port and the most amazing Caipirinha i've ever tasted!!).

                1. re: leninct

                  Caravela is the one place in Westchester I'd absolutely refuse to eat. After a meal (some good dishes, so less so) with a big group, I paid my half (two families). Long bill of handwritten figures. I started thinking about it later, seemed expensive. added up dishes (prices online), plus 2 bottles of wine ($45 each, I had doublechecked that on bill, as previous visit they had initially charged us for an extra bottle). Whoa, almost $100 difference. I faxed my math to restaurant with a polite letter, and called (yes, got fax, but manager not in). No response at all. Eventually challenged $60-70 of my charges for half the meal (informed other family). Amex refunded. But there were other posts on Zagats etc about such bill shenanigans. Anyone can make a mistake, but generally not so often. Few restaurants don't give you a real itemized receipt these days.

                  1. re: DaleW

                    Sounds like Reka and her "let me order this for you" and then ends up charging you for it and tells you "you ate it". I wonder if she's still doing that?

                  2. re: leninct

                    That's what makes the word go around. I think it's lovely that the family runs the place and hugs are nice, but no one hugged me and the food was awful for my taste.

                2. I love Docas in Ossining. Great food, friendly wait staff, very accomodating with good service.

                  Can't beat the prices either.

                  I used to go to the other place, Churrasquiria on Spring St.. Good, but once I tried Docas there was no going back. Well, actually we did one time when Docas was closed, and the visit reaffirmed Docas.

                  Went to both the new (Solmar) and the old (Caravellas) in Tarrytown, and will stay at Docas thank you.

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