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Jun 5, 2008 09:45 AM

Office Cafeterias-- Tasty and Public

Tapping the knowledge base here for new and unusual places to eat. I'm a big fan of locales with good food and lousy atmosphere, I'm not terribly sure why.

Anyways, I figure a number of you have a cafeteria in your office building and that a number of these places might actually be pretty good (or at least have one or two delicious items). If they're open to the public, let's hear it.

I'll start off with the Whitehead Institute Cafeteria in Kendall Sq. The $4.00 Salmon burger is pretty OK and the $5.00 Guapo Salad (steak tips and grilled onions/peppers/mushrooms over the house salad) is quite tasty. The onion rings may not be homemade and hand battered, but they're fantastic for some reason.

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  1. The best i have been to is the cafeteria at Sun Microsystems in Burlington. They have a great selection and its all pretty decent from what i had. Of course my point of view is based on taking 3-4 1 week training classes. Im sure people who have been working and eating there every day for 5-10 years might say otherwise!

    Not sure if its open to the public though??