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Dec 24, 2002 12:05 AM

La Dijonaise Cafe. Anyone like it? Anything like it?

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In Culver City, at the southeast corner of the Helms Bakery/Furniture row complex (home to Surfas). It's on the Washington Blvd. side.

I've had a good breakfast, lunch and dinner at this simple, straightforward French place (would one call it a Bistro, cafe?). I wouldn't call the vibe romantic, cozy or farmhouse... more like a loft - wood, glass, stainless steel. The menu is varied enough, and good for all budgets. It's somewhat small, so service has been fine (staff have to walk by every table to get to bar/kitchen, so you can always flag someone down).

I like it.

I wouldn't go there to propose, celebrate a major milestone or woo a partner into romance. Nor would I say you'll have a French food epiphany. But if you want to satisfy an urge for something froggy without cashing a bond, this place might work. In fact, it works for anyone wanting to do something different. For example, if you're in the neighborhood lunchtime and are looking for a simple eats, why not go for a Pate on a Baguette ($5.50) or a french onion soup ($3.95) instead of a chain place which you'll forget in 30 minutes?

At brekkies, it's hard to spend more than $7 for food.
An egg/ham/cheese baguette is $3.50.

For lunch, there's a wide slection of sandwiches, burgers (hey, they know they are in L.A.), and the soup/salad, half sand/soup, half soup/salad combos, all under $7 (which includes fries).

Entrees include:

- 8 openers, such as escargots, mussles, and frogs legs
- 14 salads (which is an entree in this town)
- 5 different crepes and quiches
- 8 red meat dishes (I had a decent Steak au Poivre Vert, sirloin with green peppercorn sauce, for $12.95)
- 7 poultry dishes (Coq au Vin: $9.95)
- 6 fish entrees
- 6 pastas

Nothing more that $16, and most entrees average $8-12.

Wine & beer is sold, though I didn't partake. Again, it's not something you'd drive from OC to experience. But it's good if you are in the area. I think it would be more appreciated in another part of town... it would be a good neighborhood place if in a more of a neighborly area. Not bashing Culver here... but it's more on the blocked by Sony/nearer to Venice Blvd/commuter area side of things. But then again, that may be why the prices are reasonable.

I'd love to hear of other French places that are tasty and reasonably priced. I'm not into scenes or 5 stars (unless I can expense it on the company card). Simply looking for good food by good folks at a good price.

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  1. La Dijonaise sounds a bit like Angelique Cafe in downtown LA garment district area. Very simple and solid French food at reasonable prices, although the are only open for breakfast and lunch.

    ANGELIQUE (French Cafe/Bistrot)
    Address: 840, South Spring Street, Los Angeles.
    Tel.: (1)(213)6238698
    Fax: (1)(213)6238782

    1. I've eaten lunch here several times, and had a good experience each time. The food is good. The service is good, but can have a certain aloofness at times. Otherwise a great lunch pick if you're in the area.

      1. I really like Bistro de l'Hermitage on Culver Blvd. in the "downtown" area of Culver City. Lunch and dinner only, with more intersting food than La Dijonnaise, without being too expensive.

        1. I had one of the blandest/worst meals I've ever had in LA at La Dijonaise the other night.
          At our table we had a steak frites that was completely without flavor. Same goes for a grilled salmon. The place was empty (for dinner) and now I know why. No reason to ever go back with all the new great places in Culver City.

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          1. re: marvistaisthenewVenice

            I suppose the quality may have declined in the 5 years since the original thread, but I still like it.

              1. re: Servorg

                I can say I think the quality of beef at dinner has declined, and the prices have crept up a bit (which is understandable). It's pretty darn good for brunch, though, and the pate sandwich, and croissant sandwiches are tasty. Still, I don't go there for dinner anymore.

            1. re: marvistaisthenewVenice

              We've had breakfast there a few times. It's okay, nothing great.

            2. Family went there for lunch one day (all either French or semi-French, except for me), and we had a really good meal, at least once we got seated - well, it was a weekend around lunch time, and jammed. Too long ago to remember particulars of who got what, except for bro-in-law and his wife ordering the merguez, for which they have a passion, and finding it to be perfect. Anyway, everybody was happy, including Papa, who paid for it and was pleased with the tab.

              Another excellent and not awfully expensive French place in that general part of the universe is Le Petit Cafe, 2842 California Ave. in Santa Monica. I had an extravagant (for me) lunch there on my last (and second) visit, about $30 total with tip, but had I skipped the wine and dessert it would have been less. Very pleasant place, friendly service, good solid food.

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              1. re: Will Owen

                Le Petit Cafe is lovely, & the food is more authentic. I prefer it to La Dijonnaise, but they are different: LPC is quiet & snug - hard to find these days: LD is much livelier, & the food is pretty average.