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Jun 5, 2008 09:07 AM

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

I just moved to Richmond Hill...wondering if fellow foodies/Richmond Hillers have any particular foodie suggestions for bakeries/restaurants in the area that have something outstanding to offer.

My current faves:

The Old Bread Mill bakery on Oxford St.
Kessler's Pastries on Levendale
Hannah's at 9301 Bathurst
Willy's Chinese Restaurant on Yonge St

Any thoughts from the Chowhound group?

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  1. The new place on Leslie called Allusion is defintely worth trying. It's upscale but at least for the time being you won't need a reservation.

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    1. re: graydyn

      Thanks for the tip! I read the review in the Toronto Star and it sounded really it's in such a hot competitive area that I figured they had to be good or else!

      1. re: Sandybandy

        If you go I recommend saving some room for dessert. They really have dessert nailed down there.

        1. re: graydyn

          Dessert..ohhhh....thanks muchly...can't wait to try it out!

        2. re: Sandybandy

          When was it reviewed(exact date, & was it a Wednesday or Saturday review)? I'm visiting Toronto next month, & definitely check out Richmond Hill for Chinese eats.

        3. re: graydyn

          I went to Allusion last night and was very disappointed. Everything was bland and tasteless and is very expensive for what it's worth.

          Definitely NOT recommended!

          1. re: waterboi

            Actually I unfortunately have to agree. I went there last night and had some really tiny lobster ravioli that had no lobster flavour at all, and sea bass with a bland oily sauce.
            Dessert still rocked, service was good, and it's relatively cheap, my whole meal came out to less than $40. I still won't be going back though, it seems like there menu is a roulette wheel.

            1. re: graydyn

              Then it's good my SO and I passed on it recently, after being right at the door and peeking at their menu and the interior. We both felt that something was not right about that place. Maybe it's the fusion slant? We're both very adventurous chowers, but certainly don't want to take the risk with a nice dinner, at least not too much.

              So, gradyn, how does their dessert rock? Is it worth going there just for that?

        4. Wow, you've really gotten around already. I lived in RH for four years and I never tried any of those places you mention.

          One little place that I really like, not a restaurant, but for take-out/grocery, is a little Russian Deli in the plaza where Sobey's is at Bathurst and Centre. It's in the little extra plaza at the north end of the parking lot. They sell deli meats and prepared salads and they have interesting Russian groceries. I've purchased their prepared salads and sausages and they were really good. Especially this shredded carrot salad they have that's spicy.
          The only thing is they barely speak English, but they are very friendly and if you point enough, they will know what you want and they will offer you samples.

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          1. re: pescatarian

            Pescatarian do you mean Bathurst and Clark? If not, where exactly ?

            1. re: lamaranthe

              I think he was talking about Centre and Clark (it's the only place with a Sobey's). Only thing is the north end of the parking lot has nothing beside the driveway to the street. Sobeys runs along the west side, and the shops of the plaza runs along the south side.

          2. I'm curious about Willy's. Do they do delivery? What would you recommend from them? We usually order from Golden Hoy on Yonge at Major Mac. They border on Canadian Chinese but some dishes are pretty authentic.

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            1. re: mrsleny

              I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, so I wouldn't be able to recommend the meat dishes but my coworkers are constantly getting combos from the lunch menu (I think it's $6 for lunch with an egg roll (?). I really enjoyed their Chili Tofu (deep friend tofu in a spicy/slightly sweet sauce with onions and chilis). I will definitely check out Golden Hoy too...I have heard good things about them as well.

              1. re: Sandybandy

                I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian also and would love to know what your favs are at Willy's. As for Golden Hoy, they're pretty accommodating if I ask for something to be made vegetarian eg noodles or tofu subbed for meat in regular dishes.

                1. re: Sandybandy

                  I'll admit that we order Golden Hoy fairly frequently (it's just around the corner, and it's cheap), but it doesn't border on Canadian-Cheese; it's the friggin' capital. The sweet-sour sauce gives neon a run for its money, and contains slightly less cornstarch than Iowa produces annually. The egg rolls are tough wrappers stuffed with bean sprouts; don't expect any pork or shrimp. The hot and sour soup is neither hot nor sour, and breaded anything is more bread than anything.

                  That said, they do some things well. It's hard to mess up fried rice, and stir-fried beef or pork with various veggies are OK. The Cantonese chow mein is probably their best dish (I especially like it cold the morning after).

                  But anything they call "hot" is really warm, at best. The spice level has been toned down for Richmond Hill palates.

                  Now, for some places I really like:

                  Shi-Ki Sushi on Yonge near Elgin has terrific lunch specials. Steer Inn serves frozen burgers, but has the best onion rings, so it's not bad overall. What-A-Bagel (a little south of Steer Inn) has great bagels and pastries, especially if you get there early, and the bagels are still warm.

                  Other people don't like Vic Hong at Major Mac and Bayview, but we do. Perhaps it's because we've been going for over ten years (including their old location), and they know us.

                  High end Chinese: Ambassador and O-Mei on Highway 7. Second the Richmond Court recommendation for something less expensive. Royal 16 on 16th between Leslie and Bayview is also quite good. And, if memory serves, there is a vegetarian chinese place near Richmond Court, but it may be closed; haven't been for a while.

                  Casting a bit farther afield, Terra (Yonge, s. of Hwy 7) is probably the best restaurant in the general area. Service can be slow, though. And just a few streets south of Terra is Dante's, which offers great Italian sandwiches, salads, pastas, and mains. (Dante's pizza - not so much).

                  We have tried four of the new Persian spots over the last year; won't go back to any of them.

                  Finally: it looks old and weather beaten from the outside, but the Three Coins does make a pretty good breakfast. Real home fries, eggs competently prepared - my only complaint is the coffee, which is weak.

                  1. re: KevinB

                    We like Golden Hoy because their delivery is fast and as you said, they are reasonably priced. I usually just stick to their noodle dishes. And you're right, nothing is very spicy even though it's supposed to be, eg Szechuan lo mein. I usually have to add hot sauce. I do like that the egg rolls don't have meat because I'm vegetarian. Besides, they are only $1.00. For me it's really just an excuse to eat plum sauce.

                    I agree with your choices of Terra and Dante's. We have also tried a few Persian places and did not like them. I was beginning to wonder if we just didn't like Persian food.

                    For greasy breakfast, I prefer Golden Flame over Three Coins, though we've only gone back once after their Restaurant Makeover. Their booths were ugly but I miss them. Their home fries are better than Three Coins'. Another good place for greasy breakfast is Kotsy's on Hwy 7 near Keele.

                    1. re: mrsleny

                      Peter Kuitenbrouwer (sp?) had a review of the Three Coins in today's (Wednesday) National Post. Apparently their coffee has improved, as they now have a new cook in charge. Have to try it out!

                    2. re: KevinB

                      Ambassador is definitely my favourite Chinese resto in RH. I really enjoy their peking duck and hot & sour soup (their hot & sour soup is seafood based and it's delish). I don't think I tried one thing there that I didn't like.

                      1. re: KevinB

                        If you're looking for a Hot & Sour soup that rocks you gotta try the Chinese restaurant in Oak Ridges next to the No Frills on Yonge. Its a small joint that serves both chinese food and fish & chips. I was hesitant to try at first but let me tell you i was amazed. Their hot & sour soup was very tasty. Alot of flavour and yet no MSG. Some places I've had where the soup would taste like lifeless dishwater! They chicken balls are an absolute must try! I have never in my life seen a restaurant that would actually use so much chicken in a chicken ball!! No wonder they are always busy!

                      2. re: Sandybandy

                        Check out the Chinese place next to the No Frills in Oak Ridges. A+ food. I highly recommend the hot & sour soup. flavour galour!

                    3. I like a Chinese Restaurant called Richmond Court. It's in the Times Square plaza which is Hwy 7 and Leslie.

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                      1. re: Tiny Dancer

                        oh yum. i love this place too, except I usually go to the one on Hwy 7 (i forget the intersection) the beef ho-fun is FANTASTIC. plus, if you go to the bakery next door, buy two get one free buns! i love the deep fried curry beef ones. if you go early enough on weekends, there is also dimsum in the bakery.

                      2. Ichiban beside value village is pretty good, espeically for all you can eat.
                        Tomo is good too, but they don't have all you can eat. Their rolls are look really nice

                        I used to go to Old Bread Mill, but I think St Phillips is better (not in RH though)

                        For Chinese, I think you would definitely have to go to Highway 7 region. Anything that is too north (Elgin Mills) reminds me of those small town Chinese restaurants that mostly serve fried food.