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Jun 5, 2008 08:39 AM

Recs? - Dinner w/Dad near 31 & Park

My father is coming in from way out of town for a meeting and we want to meet up for dinner. He will be here only for today and has somewhat small time window of ~3:30 til his Amtrak leaves Penn at 8:15, so an early dinner would be necessary. His meeting will be near 31st and & Park, so I'm looking for something within a reasonable distance of there and Penn Station. It should not be too loud as we will want to catch up and not overly expensive. We are both adventurous eaters. Any recommendations?

Please help! I rarely eat in that vicinity except for Shake Shack and Kalustyan's.

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  1. Though it's not exactly quiet, Artisanal is right there.

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    1. Jaiya -- really good thai restaurant on 28th and 3rd

      1. Blue Smoke at 27th or 28th and Park- good bbq.

        Les Halles 28th & Park- good french bistro

        Both are reasonably priced