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Jun 5, 2008 08:27 AM

Happy hour help in C.M./Newport Beach

Could the board assist me in finding a happy hour in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area with good chow too? We have friends in town on the Wednesday the 11th and I haven't a clue. We aren't ageist but a 20 something environment wouldn't really fit. Thank you!

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  1. Bayside is very solid for HH; not an overly MySpace scene.

    1. With the same ownership as Bayside, I personally prefer Bistango in Irvine. Terrific hapy hour food and drinks, as well as wonderful atmosphere. This would be my first choice in the area. See

      Two alternatives in Corona del Mar (Newport Beach):
      The Crowbar and Kitchen which calls itself a "gastropub". The menu is basically all small plates and they serve good drinks.
      Oysters which is just down the street from the Crowbar serves excellent drinks and their happy hour menu is terrific...includes oysters (of course), good sushi, and lots of other good things.

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      1. re: josephnl

        Does Bistango have special pricing for HH?

        1. re: bigipps

          There aren't any discounts on the drinks, but the small plate appetizers are a great deal.

      2. Finally something I know something about!

        Daily Grill (Newport and Irvine) is one of my favorite happy hours for food (M-F's starts again at 9:30 or 10...can't remember the time). All appetizers are $2.99 (including a rather substantial chicken pot pie). Martinis are $7, draft beer $3.50 (hey, it's Newport).

        McCormick and Schmick's is also a food steal (cheeseburgers for $1.99!!!)...I haven't actually been there for happy hour, so you'll have to check on the times.

        Harborside has half priced appetizers, $4 mai tais and margaritas (and $2 off everything else--M-F 12-6)...and since it's Wednesday: buy two drinks (between 7 and 9PM), and get dinner free (entree is selected by them). Food is decent, view is one of the best in Newport.

        Speaking of Wednesday: Good day to head to Huntington Beach. 1) Duke's (by the Pier) has half priced appetizers; 2) Savannah (down the stairs from Dukes) had a decent happy hour when it was Chimayo...I have not been in since the name changed. The crowd at 3) Hurricanes (half priced appetizers) might be a little young for you, but if you're there early it won't be too hopping yet.

        Back to Newport, my sleeper pick is the Newport Beach Brewing Company. $6 pizzas on Wednesday and $6 pitchers of I type this, I'm thinking they may have raised the prices of each to $7; still a bargain.

        Everyone at my work loves Z-Tejas (South Coast Plaza) for half price appetizers (all drinks $1 off)...I don't really care for the place.

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        1. re: sunnyand72

          I believe that the McCormick & Schmick's appetizers (including the cheeseburgers) are in the pub next door...not in the main restaurant.

          If you want great appetizers, I still would go with either Bistango in Irvine, or Oysters in Corona del Mar. Agree that Daily Grill is pretty good.

          1. re: josephnl

            M&S's happy hour is 1600-1800 weekdays.

          2. re: sunnyand72

            fyi - At M&S, what used to be *the* $1.95 menu has bumped up in price.


          3. The Cannery. It's hard to find, parking can be tough. But nice drink and HH appetizers specials. Older, none surfer dude crowd.

            Daily Grill: I checked their menu and they don't list a HH special. But you said all appetizers are $2.99. Does that include the shrimp cocktail and crab cakes priced at $13.95 on their dinner menu? Or do they have a limited HH menu?

            1. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions. We went to the Daily Grill in Fashion Island. Certainly not a happening place (for us a good thing). The drinks were well made. Since is was King Kamahama Day my husband challenged them to make creative "theme" drinks. They graciously complied. He was a happy guy. The $2.99 pricing on a nice list of apps was great - the food good! Two of us had cajun popcorn shrimp, another person had the ahi tuna and finally another shrimp dish (sorry forgot the name of it). I'd go here again for a quiet layed back spot.