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Jun 5, 2008 08:25 AM

Arlington Greek Fest meet-up

Some of us are meeting at the Arlington Greek Festival on Saturday at 1:30 for a late lunch hoping for roasted pig. All are welcome -- the more the merrier.

T directions courtesy of Taralli: take the #77 bus from the upper ramp inside the Harvard Sq. station at either 12:50 or 1pm and get off at the Appleton & Mass Ave. stop, cross the street to your left & follow the signs up the hill to the festival.

#77 schedule:

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  1. Any details? like if there is an entry fee, long lines to get in or for food, etc?

    I took a look at the website, but the only details I could find is how to become a sponsor or donate.

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      This has a little more detail (still no information about a cover charge though):

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        Many of us have been going & meeting up for years. No entry fee. We go for the spitted lambs & pigs, items not found at many of the local Greek fests(usually only baked lamb). This is one of the 1st & most popular ones. I picked 1:30 for various reasons: 1) plenty of time for people to arrive, 2) a little later to minimize lines, 3) better chance of pigs being done & ready to serve. Venu is a large tent pitched over a parking lot - restrooms in the adjacent church. TIP: Find a seat as far away from the speakers, blasting Greek music, as you can, or you won't be able to carry on a conversation w/your DCs.

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          There are occasionally long lines for food but likely not at 1:30 as Taralli says -- and when the lines do get long they often come around with a platter of something (sliced greek sausages or a stuffed grape leaf) to keep you from dying of starvation. Very nice, hospitable people. They did buy more speakers though -- last year just about every seat was near a speaker. ;(

      2. Thanks for filling in the details. With no cover, sounds like something I defenitely want to check out - I have no plans and the weather looks beautiful for Sat. I will take your advice on timing to try to get some pig and lamb and avoid long lines.

        1. Wish there was a way to ID the hounds, so we could try everything together... I attended the festival closer to 2pm, and to try out the most items I could on my lonesome, I ordered the $18 Macedonia Platter (1 skewer of beef or chicken, pastisio, spanakopita, tropita, dolmadhes (2), rice-pilaf, salad). I was shocked that they took credit cards! (Mastercard & Visa only) For dessert I eye-balled the spread and tried something I never had before - some kind of farina baked thingie - light but grainy, and lightly sweet, $1.50. Then one of the ladies offered me a taste of the Loukoumades (7 for $5) - tasty and fried doughlilke and served warm.

          Too bad the festival was during a heatwave - I couldn't consume that much food. It would probably be a good idea to go at night rather than during the hot day. They close at 10pm afterall. (well... today. They close at 8pm tomorrow)

          1. Hi "content" - Sorry we didn't put an email or "place to meet" on the original post, as we were there the same time you were! I've been known to walk around and ask "Are you a ChowHounder?" Puzzled looks and I just give a smile and walk on!

            Off the top of my head: We just missed the "pig off the spit" - the pork we got didn't measure up for some, while others had tastier bites. "Lamb off the spit" was fine, didn't "wow!" but was good. Moussaka - now THAT was THE hit!! We also had Greek sausage (locaniko) flavored with orange peel (do I have that right?) - Delicious, and Gretchen can tell you where to buy it in Belmont! Tiropita was like a spanokopita without spinach - light, flaky and good. We missed the grape leaves somehow! For dessert we tried diples - a much better version of fried dough - baklava, galaktobouriko (custard and filo pastry, simple and good) and a simple rice pudding. Drinks - Taralli had retsina (she'll have to describe!) and she introduced me to Greek coffee - made to order and scrumptious! I split one (espresso sized) and even that was enough to "wow!" It WAS very loud but friendly and not very crowded. Dancing's at night.

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              Yes, the loukanico (sausage) is flavored with orange peel and you can buy it at Sophia's Greek Market in Belmont -- and I think Sevan too. (I really like Sophia's taramasalata as well.) Sorry we missed you content! It was fun meeting a bunch of other Chowhounds and chowing together. Agree that the moussaka was the best and I have a couple in my freezer thanks to a suggestion from Aromatherapy.