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Jun 5, 2008 08:15 AM

AA,MI Best Indian recommendations

My favorite is Madras Masala (not the best looking space) but great food and service.
There is another in Aubrun Hills I cannot name I enjoyed quite a bit near Points Drive.

The few others I have sampled have been adequate but not stand outs. I'm trying to possibly find some news ones to indulge at.



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  1. Doesn't have to be in AA that's just near me. I am willing to drive 40-60 minutes if it's worth it.

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    1. re: Foog

      Are you referring to Rangoli in Auburn Hills--on Walton west of Squirrel? Indian colleagues tell me that is the best in the area. I've gone to their lunch buffet many times and always been happy with the food.

      Another good one that I've gone to with Indian co-workers is Ashoka in Troy on Rochester Road.

      1. re: coney with everything

        Rangoli sounds right and it is near Squirrel road. I have never been disappointed. My corporate offices used to be on 5 points a co-worker brought me their once. Now I try to stop in whenever I am in the area. I will check out Ashoka.



    2. No good Indian food in Ann Arbor, but a shorter drive is to Canton, and Ashoka which is basically across the road from Ikea. Very good both North and South Indian, also where all out Indian friends eat. Rumors of a great Indian place off Merriman and Michigan Ave recomended by a few cab drivers I have yet to try.

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      1. re: toro

        In AA, try the takeout counter in the back of the grocery at the foot of Broadway.

        Canton's a good place to look around--that suburb is home to quite a few Indians. I'll try Ashoka--have also heard good things. There's a little Indian place in the strip at Canton Center and Ford where Bangkok Thai is--has anyone tried it?

        1. re: Jim M

          I went there, had a very dry mutton biryiani, all round not so good. The Indian Market next door has a great selection of indian videos and cheap whole spices.

        2. re: toro

          My wife (we both grew up in India) insists Raja Rani's lunch buffet is the best in A2.
          She's tried them all.

          Over the years, we've also been to Shalimar (weren't impressed), takeout for Seajoys (so so), dine in experiences at Madras Masala (disappointing). We generally don't eat in any of the Indian restaurants in town and usually stick to home cooked Indian food.

          Having said that, I've found Priya on Grand River in Farmington to be quite good. We've had catered food from Rangoli (Auburn Hills/Rochester?) at parties, which was excellent.
          Haandi at 6 Mile and Newburgh in Livonia is good.

          I've been a couple of times for lunch to Ashoka in Troy and was very disappointed.

          1. re: bellmont

            I honestly thought the lunch buffet at Raja Rani was horrible. Maybe it was just a bad day?

            I have been much more impressed with shalimar, although they don't have a lunch buffet anymore.

            One of the better indian lunches I've had in Michigan is Saffron in Kalamazoo. Kind of a surprise, but quite good.

            1. re: bellmont

              What did you find wrong with Madras Masala if you don't mind sharing? As for Priya any Indian restaurant that charges for rice is just absurd. I am not sure if Rangoli is the same Auburn Hills Indian restaurant I've tried but if it is I did enjoy it as well.

          2. We recently found a good place in Farmington Hills, right off 696 (Orchard Lake exit)
            really tasty dosas, some unusual dishes
            -South Indian paratha on the menu-
            paratha, veg etc-sliced & stir fried , like Indian chilaquiles.

            30701 West 12 Mile Road
            Farmington Hills, MI 48334
            Phone: 1-248-381-5449