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Jun 5, 2008 08:13 AM

South Philly Hoagies after 6:00

I am heading down to a concert and want to pick up hoagies for tailgating. It appears that Sarcone, Primo, and Chickie's (10th & Federal) close by 4, and even Pastificio (next to Chickie's and Pete's) closes by 6. Can anyone recommend a good S. Philly hoagie that I can pick up after 6?

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  1. P & S Italian Deli on Oregon at 17th is open until 7, and makes a great hoagie. their marinated mozzarella is also very good.

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    1. re: brightman

      Thanks. P&S Deli (Ravioli is on the sign outside) was excellent. Got a spicy Italian and a chicken Paisano (with long hots instead of roasted peppers). Top-notch, and they food was ready exactly when I said i would be there to pick it up.

      If you are looking for a hoagie pick-up by the stadiums, try them out:

      1. re: phungi

        Next time try their roast beef and roast pork, two of the best around.

        Ha, they still do have the old sign up there. Use to be back in the day just a fresh pasta store. Use to go there almost every Sunday to pick up the pasta for my grandmother to cook :)

    2. If you like Vietnamse O's is open.