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Jun 5, 2008 08:13 AM

Sweets& Savories still good for brunch??

I am considering it for this weekend and although all of the posts on here seem to be positive, they also seem to be a year or so old. Is it still as good??

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  1. I had Sunday brunch there a few weeks ago with my wife and another couple. Overall it was a nice, tasty and pleasant experience. We had a 1 PM reservation and I was surprised that the place was nearly empty when we arrived. The service was good, not gripe was that my coffee didn't get refilled very quickly and my friend ordered an iced tea, it never arrived and then we had to ask about it to find out that they were out. The food selections were awesome...the have a $19 (I think) fixed price brunch menu. It was filling and tasty. The banana & chocolate chip pancakes were very good, but a little rich for my taste...didn't require much syrup. The other dishes looked very good. The ambiance was very good for talking with your was very quiet. I really liked it and would recommend it, but I suppose it might depend on what you're looking for...

    Kind of a quick note...on my lunch break. Let me know if you want any more detail.


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        I hate to say this, as this has been one of my favorites brunch spots for years, but I think the quality of food--and the service have both gone downhill in the past year. So much so that we do not go there much anymore...burgers overdone, coffee not refilled, hashes burned, etc.
        I much prefer Sepia for a nice brunch--it has the best pork belly eggs benedict and bloody marys--also try the souffle pancake as a little starter.

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          where in the city is sepia? we liked the location of S & S, since its my first "real" trip to Chicago, my wife thought i would like the Lincoln Park area.

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            S & S is in LP, but it is pretty far west, i.e. not in a pretty area/on a busy street that does not have any charm. If you want to be in the heart of LP, on a pond for lunch, by actual lincoln park (the park) and close to LSD, then you should definitely try North Pond for brunch. It is more expeinsive, I think $34 each for 3-4 coure prix fixe, but worth it. Sepia is in the west loop neighborhood, which is also nice, but more commercial. I just happen to love the ambience in the restaurant, and love the food...check it out on their website.