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Jun 5, 2008 08:09 AM

Agave in Lewes

Has anyone tried the new Agave restaurant in Lewes? If so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. I don't live in Lewes, just visit. Where is this restaurant located?

    1. Its on 2nd street in downtown. Small, cute place with very nice selection of tequilas (hence the name) and you can even do "flights". The food is typical Tex-Mex and passable depending on how many flights you've done. Get there early as they don't take reservations and they're only open for dinner.

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        actually they open at 1pm for lunch but you should get there early for dinner because they are usually quite busy. i wouldn't call it 'typical' texmex, they have some unique flavors and uncommon dishes such as chiles en nogada

      2. We finally checked out Agave last night and had an excellent meal.

        To start, margaritas all around and they were really good. We loved the colorful glasses they are served in. For apps, we had the guacamole, salsa, stuffed jalapenos, and empanadas. Everything was very tasty.

        We then had some type of salad with bibb lettuce, mangoes, and a white creamy cheese dressing. This was excellent. I'd love to get the recipe and try it at home.

        For dinner, I had the stuffed peppers with crema. I liked the dish -- it had a very unique taste. We were too stuffed for dessert but the dessert menu was tempting.

        This is a really cute place and we will definitely be back. We loved the decor and the waitstaff was very friendly. On a Wednesday night, the place was packed. We had a group of six and they did get us seated relatively quickly, considering the size of the restaurant. However, we decided to have a drink while we waited and since all the bar stools were full, decided to stand. There is absolutely no room for this. After we ordered our drinks, we realized we were totally in the way of the waitstaff bringing orders to tables.

        1. I went today a little after 1pm just to look in before they opened because i heard they were only open for dinner as well. The door was open so i walked in and sat at the bar (apparently they open at 11am). I had the original margarita (with a shot of don julio) and my girlfriend had the frozen strawberry kiwi margarita. I was pretty suprised at the fact that i could actaully tast the tequila. Usually if the drink is that size the bartenders add more mix then anything. One of the best margaritas i've ever had. My girlfriend loved hers as well. We also ordered the "hot rockets" and a burrito, they were very good. The atmosphere and decor was very laid back, it looked like something straight out of a movie! I'd go back more often but i only get down to the area 2-3 times a summer.

          1. Last weekend we went to Lewes to visit empty beaches and the areas great parks and refuges...and to have some good food. The innkeeper at Blue Water House suggested we try Agave. We were surprised how busy it was at 4PM on Sunday (opens at 3PM) and the staff was clearly surprised too as they only had one waitperson on duty for the whole place. But we chilled out with some guacamole and beers. We ordered the soft tacos, which were very tasty. Good quality meat, properly cooked, with fresh vegetables and nice flavoring. The fish tacos (which I order everywhere as I am quite the "afishionado" were a little disappointing. For some reason, they fry the taco shell/tortilla to make it crispy and puffed. After eating this dish in many locales throughout the Americas, I can say with some authority that this treatment is neither authentic (not that it matters) but it also doesn't add anything except calories to the dish. And it makes it mighty messy to eat. Myself, I prefer a corn tortilla anyway. We wished we could have tried out the margaritas and tequilas! And some of the other dishes, including ones on the menu that were not available until 6PM, looked really good. Definitely worth a try if you are in the area.

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              I walked past Agave recently and realized they had re-opened. I look forward to trying them out. I have heard only good things.
              arenosa, When you are in town next I hope you will try the fish tacos at a little restaurant behind McDonald's and beside The Gray Hare. They are the best I have ever eaten. Their shrimp tacos are also delicious. It is called El Dorado.

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                I finally made it to Agave. My two sons and I had lunch there today and will definitely return. We had the chips and salsa and asked for seconds. Our entrees were the skewered shrimp with rice, a burrito, and the spicy chicken enchiladas. Everything was delicious. The service was very good.
                The environment is warm and comfortable. It is a small restaurant with maybe six or seven tables in the front and a small bar in the back. There are a few tables in the bar area with banquette seating with cushions and throw pillows.
                I will look forward to having dinner and drinks there next.