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Jun 5, 2008 08:08 AM

Around Brooklyn Lyceum

Hi I'm going to the Bklyn Lyceum tonight and would like to eat in the area around 9. I did a search but I couldn't find updated info. Is there something really good, something that you really like, around that area? I'm not looking for fancy places, just good food. I would eat anything but sushi tonight. Mexican, Mediterranean, South American...what's the best non expensive meal I could have near there? Thanks a lot! JG

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  1. The Brookyn Lyceum is on 4th Ave and President Street. You are just one block from the Park Slope "restaurant row" on 5th avenue -- lots of options there. Options include Al Di La, Tempo, Stone Park, Bonnie's Grill, Blue Ribbon, Nana, Los Pollitos, Mulino, Maria's, Palo Santo etc.

    On Fourth Ave, you've got Sheep Station and Ghenet not to far away.

    There are TONS of threads about Park Slope on here. Most probably don't mention the Lyceum.

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      Since the OP asked for non-expensive places, I think elecsheep9's list is over-inclusive! Of those listed, I would say Bonnies and Los Pollitos are the least expensive. Maria's is also the closest, although it usually gets mixed reviews. Palo Santo is also close to the Lyceum, and has wonderful food, but is a bit expensive.

    2. Ghenet on 4th Ave, would be my pick. I had a great dinner there a few weeks ago and its very close to the Lyceum. If you go, get the tuna tartar app and a sampler platter. Everything was complex and delicious.

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        Thanks...Im deciding between Ghenet and a Mexican place. Is Los pollitos better than Maria's or Barrio or the rest of the Mexican joints nearby?

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          Barrio is outstanding, but it is on 7th Ave and 3rd. Should allow 10-15 minutes to walk, and it will be a different subway stop.

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            I ended up going to Maria's and it was somewhat disappointing. well, very disappointing.