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Jun 5, 2008 08:06 AM

Indian food on the Amalfi Coast???!

Could you please direct me to any Indian restaurants that cater in the Amalfi region? Preferably near Positano.

We are planning a wedding in the area, and the guests are very adamant about having an Indian meal.

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    1. NO. there are very few non-Italian restaurants any where in Italy, let alone in small towns like Amalfi. You could research Naples possibly, but I thinkyou best bet is to contact one of the major Indian restaurants in Rome and figure out how to get this catered. Or fly in your caterer from London or whatever. There are wonderful vegetables and cheeses in Amalfi for vegetarians, but thats about it.

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        I wonder how many of the restaurants in and around Amalfi have Indian (or South Asian) kitchen staff, as many do in Rome and elsewhere? Not that this is a solution, but the post brings to mind a journey a few years ago driving through the province of Latina, south of Rome, and seeking Sikh workers commuting on bicycles to and from the large market garden farms that fill the coastal plain. Never expected to see this. But Italy changes: many of the vendors in local feste, even in small remote towns, are South Asian merchants. Wonder where they all eat?

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          1. sounds like OP wants to have an Indian wedding in a terrifically beautiful place or at least must include family members that keep to traditional ways.. Its understandable but will be culturally difficult. As I recall it there is at least one good Indian restaurant in Rome, the Mahjarajah on Via Serpenti (meat oriented). Im sure such a restuarant wil have fielded a request like this before.

          2. This has to be possible, but it may be expensive. If you're staying in one of those fancy hotels in Positano, I'd ask them first. Then I'd ask the local or Naples SlowFood chapter or Gambero Rosso correspondent -- Indian food is not exactly their thing, but they are very tuned in to food so they might know things. You must have local contacts helping with the wedding planning, so they should be able to help. You might need to hire someone locally to scout it out. There are a number of super chefs on the peninsula who might know things. Or, as Jen says, get in touch with Indian restaurants in Rome. I would bet too that the Indian consulate in Rome and, if there is one, in Naples knows of Indian caterers. Likewise, international organizations like FAO, WFP, and IFAD (all in Rome) undoubtedly have people who do this, but they would be harder to sleuth out. I'd start with the wedding planner or hotel, then the consulate(s), then the local foodie orgs. Let us know how it goes.