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Jun 5, 2008 07:59 AM

Fathers Day Brunch in Essex County or Morris County..

Need a Fathers Day suggestion for brunch for 5 people and a toddler. Any ideas? We have done the Short Hills Hilton and Raymonds in Montclair many times and looking for something that may not be buffet. Thanks!

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  1. Verjus, in Maplewood, serves Sunday brunch, so I presume they will be doing so on Father's Day. We've never tried their brunch, but the dinners we have had there have been very good. They have a liquor license, and the atmospherics are very pleasant.

    For Morris County recs, you should post on the Tri-State board.

    1. Im not sure which county Summit is in...but its not far from Short Hills. The Huntley Taverne would make a very nice setting for a Fathers Day lunch or dinner. The Shrimp Cocktail there is the star of the show. Huge prawn like shrimps with their heads intact and a great presentation. The wine list is awesome.

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