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Kosher in DC?

I'm looking for some kosher spots in DC. Any ideas?

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      Eli's is the only place I know that is Kosher. But I do remember seeing a sticker with some sort of Kosher website on their door. It seemed as if you could search for kosher or kosher-friendly restaurants in the District. Perhaps a quick google search will help you out.

    2. The JCC on 16th St. has a kosher cafe

        1. Max's Cafe in Wheaton, 2319 University Blvd.
          Not fancy but shwarma (and more); you could plotz!

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          1. re: RichardCrystal

            great suggestion! In my humble opinion the best falafel in the area

          2. You can also check out some vegetarian restaurants as well as halal places in the city.

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              Jacey - that will most likely not work for people who are strict about keeping kosher.

              1. re: ferneau

                If you keep kosher outside the home, most of these places will work. One of my friends is pretty strict about keeping kosher outside the home and that works. If you are very hardcore, you don't really eat outside the house unless it's stated as a jewish/kosher restaurant.

            2. No expert but its my understanding that the only strict kosher restaurants in DC are the JCC at the cafe at the Holocaust Museum. For more variety you'll have to come to Silver Spring/Wheaton or Rockville. I'd repost the question on the kosher board.

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              1. I think this thread pretty well has covered the options in DC but you might also post this over at the kosher board of chowhound to get some personal expereinces

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                  so sad, about 10 years ago there was a Kosher French place in town. (imagine!)

                2. Pomegranate Bistro in Cabin John, MD. Very good reviews but reservations are a must.

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                  1. re: Lfoodlie

                    Pomegranate Bistro is a welcome addition to the kosher dining scene in this area- which is very limited. Definitely worth the trip from DC. and I totally agree with the recommendations on Max's felafel and shwarma. the best!

                  2. I believe that the Hillel at GW also serves Kosher meals to the public. It is pretty close to downtown DC, and is pretty much the only kosher offering. As I recall they close fairly early. In addition to the other places mentioned in Maryland, there is also Royal Dragon in Rockville for Kosher Chinese food - not bad if a bit expensive and Sienna's also in Rockville for Kosher pizza, Mexican food and a few other odds and ends. There is also a restaurant inside the Kosher Mart in Rockville, but I do not recommend it.

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                      ate for the first time at Eli's today and was pleasantly surprised. We had fajitas and a burger and both were fairly reasonably priced and very tasty. I was expecting a whole-in-the wall place but the decor was nice. what a nice option for locals and visitors to DC who are looking for Kosher food.