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Jun 5, 2008 07:35 AM

McKenzie Towne Farmers Market (Calgary)

FYI to all those who live in SE, today between 3.30 - 7.30 is the first night of a weekly Farmers Market in Mckenzie Towne (in the community center parking lot). The signs promise music, crafts and of course, food. It is to run every Thursday from now until Sept 25th.

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  1. I went right at 3:30 this afternoon. While only a handfull of vendors were there; Cowboy Corn, Cabbage rolls and perogies, Sickel's Meats, a home-made salad dressig stall, a bread vendor, it was well worth going for the Tims Pizza. There was also a book stall, a lady selling bead bugs and a painter.
    Aside from pizza I also picked up some Sickels Meats jerky and peperoni. Each at 5 bucks a bag (4 peps and 3 pieces of jerky) I thought it was a bit over priced and not my "style". I'm crossing my fingers that more vendors will come out and I plan on attending every week to support the market so it will grow. The selection isn't great right now but I give many thanks to the organizers for their hard work and commitment to our community. Maybe I'll pop by again and see what its like later on after everyones had time to set up.
    HHHHMMMMMM now if I could only sell something????

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      It would be great if this would take off, I'll drop by next Thursday. Did a lot of people drop by?

      1. re: Major_9000

        it was busy with the senior/ stay at home mom crowd at 330. another teacher at my school went too and said it was really busy later-on and that next week all the produce vendors will be there too! its exciting to see a market in the burbs, supporting it....and i mean actually with dollars will be the key to keeping it! lets hope its successful.

        1. re: cdn

          Hey all,

          I wanted to thank you all for posting and attending the McKenzie Towne Market. I am the market, manager, and I was told about your posts, and I was so excited people are talking about the market... I hope you all came today, it was much bigger than the first week (and will continue to grow as more support comes). We had a new protein vendor who does beef, chicken and fish, we had our BC fruit guys out, and still waiting for Alberta Produce, they are a littlle behind due to cold weather.

          Please contact me if you have further questions, I will try my best to keep you updated here as we go. Hope to see you all soon, stop by and say hi...

          1. re: mckenzietownemarket

            I missed the first week, but attended today. The turnout was pretty good (at 6pm), but I'm hoping for some more fruits and veggies. I assume it is simply too early for that yet. The only unfortunate thing about the meat vendor, his area was quite noisy, I think it was due to his power generator to keep his truck refrigeration working. If that was the case, perhaps you could allow him to plug in somewhere.

            thanks for your efforts!