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Jun 5, 2008 07:29 AM

New Indian Rest in Woodlawn

Anybody been to The Curry Spot? Heard the opening was packed.....

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    1. re: toby1355

      Woodlawn is a section of the north central Bronx bordering on Yonkers, just east of Van Cortlandt Park and north of Woodlawn Cemetery. From what I can gather (haven't been there yet) the Curry Spot has replaced the Irish Bakery on 235th and Katonah (Woodlawn has been a predominantly Irish neighborhood for many years).

    2. Love the old Irish bakery but have to say we've been pleasantly surprised by Curry Spot. Since they've open we've eaten in and taken out multiple times. Been excellent in both forms. In fact, thought it was better than many of the Curry Hill spots in Manhattan. Very nice people running the place and the new specials (for lunch and dinner) are an excellent deal. Can't wait to go back. Really a good addition to Woodlwan. Sometimes we just get maxed out on pub fare.