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Jun 5, 2008 07:11 AM

(SA) Riverwalk Hamburgers

Hi...going to San Antonio June 8th-12th. Will be staying at St. Anthony and looking for best hamburger in the Riverwalk area. I am not interested in driving anywhere, so i want it to be within walking distance. Yes, i've read many times that dining in the Riverwalk area is overpriced and not the best that SA has to offer, but at this time i am only interested in the best hamburger (upscale, cheap, whatever) WITHIN the Riverwalk area...thanks! Also, recommendation for most romantic patio dining in the same area would be appreciated.

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  1. I believe theres still a Fuddruckers and they are pretty good. Its across street from Alamo and then south several stores down at the corner.

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      Come on! Just get in a cab to Chris Madrid's and have a macho tostada burger.

      1. re: saeyedoc

        THAT is an even better idea!
        I almost drove all the over there for lunch

    2. There are a few steakhouses on the Riverwalk and they'll probably have the best ones, Saltgrass, Little Rhein. Mad Dogs has an angus burger.