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Jun 5, 2008 06:55 AM

Tacos in Asheville Area

I had the chance to go to Taqueria Fast in Woodfin last weekend. Yum, the barbecued pork tacos were authentic, delicious and as the restaurant's name implies fast.

My other favorite is Papa's and Beer for their carnitas.

Any other places I should know about in the A'ville area?

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  1. have you tried the carnitas torta at papas & beer. it's wonderful; my favorite sandwich in asheville.

    the taco trucks that are sometimes on haywood in west asheville (my schedule precludes me eating lunch in asheville anymore so i'm not real up on it), were pretty good & cheap.

    1. It's been a couple of years, but I ate at one on Merrimon Ave. next to the library annex that was really good.

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        Yes, it was good. Unfortunately they aren't there anymore and I'm not aware that they've just relocated. I'm afraid they've just closed down completely. Anyone know for sure?

        I have to echo a recommendation for Papas & Beer. Their fish tacos are my favorite.

        I'll be trying Taqueria Fast soon.... lol.

      2. There's a place in Marshall called French Broad Taqueria. Best fish tacos I've had this side of SoCal. And their carnitas are outstanding.

        There was a review of them on this board not too long ago and here's a link to the Mountain Express review: