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Jun 5, 2008 06:46 AM

30 Rock Sandwich Day Shop Brooklyn?

The "Sandwich Day" episode of 30 Rock meantions a Italian Sub place that comes with dipping sauce. Does anyone know of this place? I know they usually reference a real place on the show.

Great sandwich place suggestions in Brooklyn will also be appreciated.

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  1. I dont believe they were referring to an actualy deli, but go to A&S Italian Pork Store.
    274 5th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    (718) 768-2728‎

    1. I remember seeing a post about this around the time the episode aired and I think the general consensus was that it was De Fonte's in Red Hook.

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        My wife and I both thought it was Defontes when we watched the episode.

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          Same here, as I was watching it, I swore it was Defontes. Longshoremen and teamsters go hand in hand.

          1. re: venezuelan

            One more for the great Defonte's.

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              FYI, A&S will be closing. Seems there's a family problem--someone owns the business, someone else the building. The building is being sold.

              For other great sandwiches in Brooklyn, try City Sub on Bergen between Flatbush and 5th. No dipping sauce and I wouldn't look for great Italian cold cuts, but every other hero in every other way is exemplary.

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                I'm a big time fan of Catene Catering on 9th Street off 4th Ave. IMO they make the best roast beef in all five boros. Sandwich and otherwise.

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                  Update: Seems A&S will be moving, not closing.

              2. I tend to agree that the refereence was regarding DeFonte.Just for fun, there is a little Deli on the corner of 4th Ave and about 44 or 45th St in Sunset Park, that makes great sandwiches and has a decent salad bar. There are always Verizon trucks double parked outside. .

                1. I concur with all those that say De Fonte's. If you go, I recommend the roast pork sandwich with cheese and chili peppers. The meat is succulent, the bread is ethereal.

                  1. This morning, I noticed that the SE corner of 3rd Ave and 21st St there's a small place (used to be Blimpie?) that's being renovated. A small sign in the window says "Defontes of Brooklyn" - are they branching out from Red Hook and expanding to Manhattan??

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                      DeFonte's had a sign posted in their shop about a year ago looking for someone to open another one in the city. I don't know if it's a franchise or what, but I bet the new place is related to DeFonte's.