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Jun 5, 2008 05:22 AM

<PHX/Scottsdale> Where to buy cheese?

Who has the best selection of cheese in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Cave Creek/Carefree area? Looking for a good shop with knowledgeable staff. Even a really good gourmet food store will do.

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  1. You might start with this thread from last fall:

    And maybe somebody will chime in with places that weren't mentioned in that thread.

    1. This topic is near & dear to my heart. Nothing new to report really since the last thread. Someone's got to open one though soon. Just feels like we really need one.

      In line with what some others did say, I did happen to have my first Whole Foods visit (Raintree & 101) last week & was very psyched to see the selection of cheese they had. Was a quick visit but they seemed to have a better selection that AJ's, my most often used source. I love the fact that they have Humboldt Fog goat cheese in smaller wedges than the $15 1/2 wheel that AJ's stocks. Fresh & Easy also has smaller wedges of the same. Also picked up some 5 year aged yummy Gouda.

      La Grande Orange also has a nice selection though it's not too large.

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        Try the new Whole Foods at Scottsdale and the 101. It's one of their newer-design stores like the Chandler store at Ray/101 and might have an even better cheese selection. The Raintree store is a former Wild Oats and it's selections seem a bit limited compared to the newer WF stores.

      2. I spoke recently with a local caterer who is in the process of setting up a cheese shop, I think in Scottsdale. He is still looking for a space. He has great contacts and I have high hopes for our first cheese shop in Phoenix. Cross you fingers.


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          Barry, that is great. The reason why I husband is a cheesemonger (hence the name, cheesemonger's wife) and we may be living in Carefree for about 6-9 months come August. Simon will want to do something while we are there and I didn't know if Whole Foods was the only outlet for him. He is head cheesemonger at a local shop here in StL. We have a BIG cheese community here, he does consulting for AB and manages the cheese programs for our top restaurants. I just don't want him to not have anything fun to do if we make the temporary move.

          Thanks for the great recommendation and I'll get to reading that previous thread.

          1. re: CheesemongersWife

            So I guess that Provel doesn't qualify as "cheese" in his opinion? God, do I miss that stuff!!!

            1. re: ejs1492

              oh...not so fast. We love our provel. There is a time and a place for it. Especially cheese garlic bread. Yum. It is a very very acquired taste. We don't ever expect non-St. Louisans to like it.

              1. re: CheesemongersWife

                Went to Wash U....I'd commit a felony for an Imo's Pizza right now and some toasted ravs, not to mention some cucumber bisque from Balabans. (can't BELIEVE they closed!)

                1. re: ejs1492

                  you can get Imo's and T ravs through mail order!!! I had Imo's shipped out to PGH when I lived there. And T-Ravs too.