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Jun 5, 2008 12:32 AM

Meatless in Seattle

I've been getting mixed reviews of Kwanjai Thai in Fremont. Is it really as good/bad as people make it out to be? If not, any other good vegetarian alternatives in the same neighborhood?

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  1. If you mean you'd prefer a vegetarian alternative and not a Thai alternative, the closest strictly vegetarian restaurant I can think of is in Greenwood/Phinney: Carmelita. It's quite delicious, but not at all Thai. You can probably just hop on the 5 bus and make it up to Carmelita very easily if you are lacking transport.

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    1. re: dylinw

      Yes, am looking for any vegie options in the city that are delicious. We drive, and am willing to go thru any lengths for good grub. Will try out Carmelita the next time I'm in town. Thanks!

    2. Kwanjai is my favorite Seattle Thai - but it's not a vegetarian restaurant.

      My veggie friend SWEARS by In The Bowl in Capitol Hill. She says its the best fake beef she's had.

      Veggie Veggie Thai in the U-District is also good - if you're into the fake meat thing.

      I think Araya is excellent. Avocado curry? YUM!

      I personally prefer vegetarian food that uses real veggie ingredients - not fake meat. Just sayin'.

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      1. re: burritobelle

        Same sentiments here - would prefer real vegies than "fake meats" made of gluten anytime. I'm not vegetarian myself, but have a friend who is. She's opted out on a couple of occasions when some of us dined out, as she's afraid she may not find anything suitable. I felt quite bad as I was only in town then for a short stay (should have done more homework on eating spots beforehand).

        I'd certainly like to seek out good spots to satisfy everyone's choices the next time I visit Seattle. BTW, Araya's avocado curry sounds delicious. Thanks.

      2. Jhanjay Thai on 45th in Wallingford is completely vegetarian. The food and service were excellent when I was there last. They also did a nice job on the remodel.

        I think Camelita is good, but bland. I'd pick Cafe Flora over them any day.

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        1. re: GreenLakeDave

          I second Cafe Flora...very tasty. They do a great Sunday brunch but the lines can be brutal if you go to late. I'm pretty sure you can call and put yourself on the list before you go, though.

        2. Kwanjai Thai in Fremont is one of my favorite. Just last week I tried their red curry with tofu and their phad see law(sp?) with tofu and was converted. I eat meat- but at Kwanjai Thai I will eat tofu- It was delicious and both dishes were addictive- Especially the Phad. It is a hole in the wall with very nice staff. The prices have gone up recently but it is still below $10. There is seating outside for when it is hot/warm out that are great for relaxing in the neighborhoodJust putting in my two cents.

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          1. re: natalie.warner

            The tofu part is pretty straightforward, but how do they do it without fish sauce?

          2. I am not a fan of Cafe Flora, I found their food bland, and their squash is purposely undercooked. I've gone a couple of times - dinner and brunch - and hope to never go back. I also think the staff is cold and snobby.