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Jun 4, 2008 11:27 PM

Publick House - Only for the Beer

4 of us hit it last night.

Ambivalent service, mediocre food across the board, would not eat there again. I also question if they are pouring enough of all those taps to keep it all fresh on the beer front?

First time for me, and a totally underwhelming experience.

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  1. I'm surprised you got a table as it's usually jammed. I've always felt that the food has been very pedestrian and the service utterly terrible. The bartenders and waitstaff always seem annoyed.

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    1. re: Calico Jack

      We got there at 6:00 sharp. I agree the service ranged from mediocre to pathetic. I don't really see the charm of the place at all.

    2. I'm with you. I love their beer selection and dedication to beer but I have found their staff to be surly, rude, snotty, etc and their food way overrated. Given that its out in the middle of nowhere (from my perspective) it really doesn't call to me.

      1. Well despite their shortcomings, I don't think you will find a bar in boston that takes better care of their draft lines or serve a better quality draft product. Plus they don't have that many drafts (in comparison to a place like Sunset where your fears of bad draft beer are a reality) and the place is always packed.

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        1. re: LStaff

          "I don't think you will find a bar in boston that takes better care of their draft lines or serve a better quality draft product."

          I firmly agree. For that matter, I think you'd be hard pressed to many better bars outside of Boston, in this respect at least.

          I'm in there at least once a week, usually with my wife and we usually sit at the bar. Perhaps our experience is skewed by our status as regulars, but the bar staff at least are always very friendly, knowledgable, and honest--- they're not afraid to tell you if they think a beer is a must-have or worth skipping. They always seem to be very patient and happy to offer advice to a neophyte. (If I had to have as many college kids piss and moan at me about how the bar doesn't serve Miller Light or whatever, I'd be a damn sight less friendly and patient than the bar staff invariably is.) My service when we sit at a table is usually fine but not remarkable.

          I don't think people go to the Publick House just for the food, nor would I really expect them to. People go for the beer. That said, I'd call the menu mostly quality, better-than-average bar food, though there are definitely some winners on the menu (mac n' cheese and fish & chips have always been consistently good for me). The manner in which the beer is worked into the cuisine, while not always perfect, is creative and usually works well. Their house-made hot sauces--- when they have them--- are a favorite of mine.

          As a regular, I have definitely noticed sub-par quality in both table service and food a couple of times. If nights like those was my first exposure to the Publick House, I might be underwhelmed or put-off, too. But the quality and variety of the beer alone will always bring me back.

        2. When I hear things like this, I think I must be eating at a different Publick House. Their veggie burger is literally the best I've ever had, and their mac and cheese is gooey with a crispy top, making it some of the best I've had around these parts. And the servers have always been pleasant and helpful to me, especially when it comes to making beer choices.

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          1. re: pamalamb

            I agree- Ive always had the same experience. Very friendly wait staff, very helpful and some delicious dishes. Ive always had the best experiences there...

          2. Last time I was there we got shut off after 2 beers on a saturday afternoon unless we wanted to order food. Goodbye Publick House.