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Jun 4, 2008 11:11 PM

Planet Green Means Loss of Some Cooking Shows

I had no idea the Planet Green channel which just launched yesterday, Wednesday, was going to kill the Discovery Home Channel. I thought it was just going to be a new channel added to the Discovery lineup.

Now I'm sad. It means yeah we're supposed to get a new "Emeril Green" show sometime this month, but it also means -- and I was not expecting this -- that we've lost all the Canadian and other food shows that used to be on the Home Channel.

Goodbye License to Grill with host Rob Rainford. Along with Bobby Flay's shows his made for the two best griiling and BBQ shows around!

Goodbye Cooking in Brooklyn, which was quirky but original

Goodbye Chef at Home with Michael Smith (I really enjoyed this show) mind you they were too stupid to buy any of the last three seasons of his show so we kept watching ones from 2004 and 2005, but I liked them anyhow.

Goodbye Inner Chef with Marcus Samuelsson

Goodbye that show with Kylie Kwong -- the one show I will not miss -- her voice was grating and sorry, but she specialized in Australian meets Chinese food ... you want to talk about two cuisines who's ingredients she used that you never heard of before and will never find here in the States! If you could find the Chinese ones, you'd never find the Aussie ones.

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  1. I'm surprised -- over 12 hours and not a word in response.

    Guess I'm the only here who ever watched that channel and any of those shows. Oh well. Trust me you missed some good shows even if you don't know it. Your lost.

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    1. re: HarryK

      I loved all these shows, especially Chef At Home. I didn't know they were to be completely cut out.... Really good shows. Why do they only cut good things?
      Don't forget that Samuelsson will be against Bobby Flay Sunday night on Iron Chef

      1. re: bookwormchef

        Yep looking forward to the Flay vs Samuelsson match!

    2. It's a shame Kylie Kwong's gone... her food was always interesting and she reminded me of home! I didn't realise that Discovery Home was going right off-air to make way for the stupid 'green' station - from what I saw of their 'sneak previews' there won't be a darned thing on there worth watching!

      1. I too, am sad at the end of Discovery Home. It seems that TV has decided to cast it's lot with the wingnut environmental whackjobs. It seems I can't tune into much of anything anymore, without there being some pitch for "going green". Yick!

        1. Hopefully the shows will wind up on one of their other channels like TLC. Until that happens, I don't expect that I'll be tuning in to "planet green" at all. If I want to get preached at I'll go to church.

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          1. re: LabRat

            "Emeril Green" which is supposed to be a sorta Emeril does what Jamie Oliver does in the garden cooking show *might* be interesting when it comes on. That's about it for that entire network.

          2. Yes, in PlanetGreen we have a new Wikipedia redirection for 'Screwed The Pooch'. Or is it 'Jumped The Shark'?

            Discovery would have done better to keep adding 'green' shows to Home and other channels.

            Why would they deep six the 'Manic Organic' cooking show? - educational, entertaining and perfect for the PG channel.

            Maybe A&E Networks or even Scripps (ha ha ha ha ha) could capture the Home channel cooking shows.

            Most people will gladly go 'green' when it makes Economic Sense, not due to some feel good preachy TV shows or worse, government nanny legislation and corporate welfare *cough*ethanol subsidy*cough*.