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¿Como se llama the taquero's hubcap looking pan?

We have taco carts here in L.A. where a large steel pan with a convex dome is used to cook the meat and heat up the tortillas.

Anyone know the Spanish name for this thing?

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  1. I think it may be called a comal. I know that is the iron thingy you put on a stove burner to heat up tortillas.

    1. Yes, it´s a comal de acero.

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        Doesn't that translate to "steel comal?" Aren't the regular flat ones made of steel too?

        Hope I don't come across as a smartass. Just not clear on the linguistic distinction between comal and comal de acero when the material is the same, and the shape entirely different.

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          My comal is made of cast iron -- which I believe is the usual material -- I actually have two: a round one with a handle, and a long 2 burner one.

          I would suspect that there's not a 2 burner comal de acero (I could be wrong), so calling it a "comal de acero" is sufficient description in the name for identification.

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          Yup! To me it mostly resembles a traditional casero dish called a Disca, which is used to prepare a traditional dish called discada:


          You can often find these at larger Hispanic Swapmeets (I know in at the Mission Swapmeet in Pomona there is a guy who sells all sorts of 'Taquero' equiptment.


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            Cool. Thanks for the confirmation, Dommy!

        2. I have a comal made of clay - I was shown how to roast my mole ingredients on it.

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            Mole is usually made in a clay cazuela -- are you sure you don't have a cazuela? This is a cazuela:


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              Clay comales are common in Oaxaca, great for heating tortillas. Found this about Disca:


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                That makes sense - I bought mine in the state of Oaxaca (Puerto Escondido). I sold it in a garage sale prior to moving to Dubai (no one in Edmonton had a clue what it was, or what it was used for), but may pick another up on my next visit to Mexico.

          2. Checked at the place in town which sells the thing. Cook 52 is correct, the guy said
            it is called a disco. A comal is flat.

            1. Be authentic! A true disco is made from a discarded plow disc, hole welded shut and handles tacked on. Now there are people manufacturing them as new, but the heavier plow discs really manage he heat better, mine is like 3/16" thick. I use mine on my turkey fryer burner.

              1. I just went through my earch on theChowhound site and the infomation provided to me was in the Chowhound link ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/581634 ). I took the information and inally located one online that is made of stainless steel and is 24 inches indiameter. You can find one at http://mifiesta.com/km00297.html .....Victor