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Jun 4, 2008 09:41 PM

Hale and Hearty on Glen Cove Road, Westbury

Tried out the new Hale and Hearty on Glen Cove Road in Westbury, in the corner of plaza shops shortly before you get to old country road. Been to the Hale an Hearty in the city many times, especially their main branch at Chelsea Market. They fixed this place up very nice. Spacious and clean. Had Tomato-Orzo-chicken soup, delicous, Wild Mush/CHick soup, delish, Manhattan Clam chowder with pancetta, good a bit salty. 2 Half sandwices, buff chick wrap, very good, and really excellent roast beef/fresh mozz, roaster pepper sandwic on onion foccacio bread.

This place is way better food wise than Panera, too bad they don't have desserts there or a better coffee thing happening, but if in the area shopping, go to Hale and Hearty for food, and Panera for a quick dessert snack.

Combo soup and sand is about $7.50, so, where can you eat these days for 2 under $20, not too many in that area. Soups are way better than Panera, and sandwich portions much larger as well.

Place was nearly empty at dinner time, don't think the word is really out that they are there.
They also are honoring the hale and hearty soup cards that they have in the city, which is a frequent flyer program of sorts...good when you get a free soup after buying a bunch of them. They are also real great for getting quart of soup to go.

Anyway, if you've never been, check them out, lots of gourmet well prepared soups, and a much more quiet mellow atmosphere than nearby Panera. They were also real nice there, too.

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  1. I totally disagree. I never liked them in the city and I think this store is a joke. Panera is way better value and their sandwiches and salads are better too. The soups at H&H might be better but they are twice the price, definitely not worth it. The place looks clean but only because its new. I'd stay away from there.

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      Portions of the soups are larger, and their combo price is a better deal than Panera, because their 1/2 sandwiches are much larger. Panera is better for the coffee and dessert stuff obviously, but I just find the food much better quality at H&H. To each his own.

    2. i've got to agree with the original post. I was there sunday. I got the roast beef with Mozz and it was better than most sandwiches at Panera, definitly better than any of the cold sandwiches at Panera. Wife got a turkey and brie sandwich and it was awesome. We also split the spinach, beet and walnut salad and that was great. Salad bar looks like it may be the best salad options on Long Island. Didn't have any soups it was clost to 100 degrees out!