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Canned Pumpkin--How Do You Use It (Besides Pie)

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I love my canned Libby pumpkin! I have found some creative uses for it besides making pumpkin pie.

-Mix a little in cottage cheese with some pumpkin pie spice and maple syrup
-stir in greek yogurt
-Indian pudding
-Replace it for eggs/oil in some baked goods

How do you use it besides making pumpkin pie? Let's share how to utilize this wonderful canned veggie.

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  1. I make a Caribbean inspired spicy soup - recipe varies each time but pumpkin is always in it. Also Make a dip with pumpkin & black beans. The dip, if left chunkier is good as a filling for wraps.

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      I use it for soup, too, but more of wintery soup, not spicy. I just substitute it for the potatoes in a creamy potato soup and add a pinch of cumin. I made the pumpkin and black been dip, too.

      I also use it to make pumpkin bread, same recipe as banana bread, but substitute the pumpkin puree for bananas and add pie spices.

    2. Add it to protein shakes... ice, protein powder, pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla... blend.

      Stir it into oatmeal.

      Stir it into the egg mixture for pumpkin bread pudding.

      I make a sauce for a hearty white fish (used to be chilean sea bass), by pureeing pumpkin w/ caramelized onions, a little roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, evaporated milk and sage. Serve over broiled fish garnished w/ more sage and caramelized onions.

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        I love stirring into oatmeal as well with a little pumpkin pie spice.

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            pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
            pumpkin apple (or other fruit) muffins
            pumpkin pancakes or waffles

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              Funny that you mention it... my mom makes pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too. Apparently it was a recipe (Gourmet or something) for pumpkin raisin ones, and she didn't have raisins so she added the chocolate chips instead, and the recipe was a hit. I thought she was the only one who made them! :)

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                Chocolate chips also work very nicely in pumpkin bread. Hmm... I may have to starting baking now!

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                  I've made batches w/ white chocolate chip cookies that were well received.

                  Also chopped pecan praelines or pistachios make a nice addition to any sweetened bready pumpkin product.

            2. There's a pumpkin pie ice cream recipe that came with my new Cuisinart ICE so I plan to try that.

              1. use it as a pasta sauce with sauteed sausage and fresh sage leaves. if you're feeling decadent, add a little milk or cream.

                1. Eating Chinese last week, our friend mentioned that plum sauce is actually made with pumpkin puree.
                  We joked all night "Pass the pumpkin sauce" etc etc

                  I don't have a recipe, but if this is true, you can make plum sauce with canned pumpkin for your spring rolls...

                  1. I've used canned pumpkin for smoothies (blend with plain or vanilla yogurt and crushed ice, and some milk, sometimes I also add a few tablespoons of chocolate malt powder--delicious!). I've also used it to replace fat in quick breads--makes them come out very moist. I've also made pumpkin ice cream. I'd love to try the risotto--that sounds great!

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                      We add rum, cognac or Irish whiskey to pumpkin, cream & nutmeg and ice in the blender. We call it the Jack O' Lantern, cause it sure gets you lit!

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                          Holy cow, that sounds awesome! I'm going to have to remember that one come fall.

                          As to the OP- I initially thought of cookies as well, but mine have walnuts and habanero flakes instead of the chocolate chips (don't knock it if you haven't tried it...habanero and pumpkin are naturals together!)

                      1. Put a can of pumpkin into a pot of simmering Turkey Chili, it adds substance and flavor and no one would ever guess in a million years that there's pumpkin in the dish!

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                          Pumpkin chili (I think it's beef though, not turkey) is very popular at the annual Pumpkin Festival in Morton, IL where Libby has its packing plant. I often add canned pumpkin to my chili, too. It sure boosts the nutritional value of the meal!

                        2. pumkin gnocchi or ravioli filling

                          1. I usually make my own (farm share= more pumpkin than we can handle, so I roast, puree and freeze or can it). But either way, I add pureed pumpkin to lots of things. I especially like it in soups and stews. Gives body and a nice flavour.

                            Also love Spiced Pumpkin Bread:

                            Cut sugar down to 2 cups and add an extra egg or two to make up for it (since sugar is considered a liquid in baking). Soooo good...

                            I second the dog advice, too. Ours loves pumpkin puree warm and mixed with his food and a poached egg (he can't have oil, so no pan cooking the egg) on cold nights!

                            1. pumpkin bread! it's the start of Thanksgiving and the holidays around my house :)

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                                Here too, though sometimes I get antsy and start early. :)

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                                  I know this is a dessert, but its the only thing I can think of I really make. Although I loved the chili idea. My DS loves this stuff.

                                  Pumpkin Pie Cake
                                  Yield: 15 servings
                                  12 oz Evaporated milk
                                  29 oz Pumpkin
                                  3 Eggs
                                  1 c Sugar
                                  1 tsp Cinnamon
                                  1 tsp Salt
                                  1 18-1/2 oz. yellow cake mix
                                  1 c Butter; melted
                                  1 c Nuts; chopped
                                  Cool whip
                                  Heat oven to 350 degrees. In large bowl, combine
                                  evaporated milk,pumpkin, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and
                                  salt; mix well. Pour mixture into greased 9 x 13 x 2
                                  pan. Sprinkle with dry yellow cake mix; drizzle with
                                  butter and sprinkle with nuts.
                                  Bake 50 to 60 minutes or until toothpick inserted
                                  in center comes outclean. Serve with whipped topping.

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                                    Oh yeah. That recipe is a goodie. Try putting a candy corn pumpkin on the whipped cream during Halloween-it looks really cute.

                                1. outside the obvious thanksgiving offerings ( I make the caramel swirl pumpkin cheesecake from epicurious).....a couple of thanksgiving's ago, i made a roasted squash dip that could easily sub in canned pumpkin...it was a savory, sour-cream, spice/herb/garlic and squash mix....VERY good !!!

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                                    ooooh! recipe for the dip, perhaps, if it's easy to post/link? that sounds like something I would love...

                                    1. re: sfumato

                                      i will post on the home cooking board.

                                  2. A friend told me that Weight Watchers has a recipe that uses canned pumpkin to make a fake chocolate pudding.

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                                      I make Canned Pumpkin + SF/FF Butterscotch Pudding + 1 C. Skim Milk + Pumpkin Pie Seasoning + Splenda (to your taste..1/3 cup) = mix and let sit up.
                                      Eat w. whipped cream.

                                    2. Pumpkin and ancho pepper cupcakes with Chai spice cream cheese frosting are probably my best cupcakes.

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                                      1. re: hot breath

                                        Mmmm! If you could post the recipe on Home Cooking I'd be grateful! They sound wonderful.

                                      2. Almost every night for dessert I spread canned pumpkin on either toast or rice cakes with almond butter and cottage cheese; top off with cinnamon and sugar (or I use splenda).

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                                          Hey..I just bought a thing of almond Butter. ..I was looking for some new twists..thanks...!!

                                        2. I have been dying to try these pumpkin pie wontons...