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Jun 4, 2008 08:01 PM

Naxos any rec's?

I am going to Naxos, Greece this summer and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for some dessert places, wine bars, and restaurants? I am looking for some places that are reasonably priced and with vegetarian options. Thank you!

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  1. My husband and I just returned from Greece last weekend and spent five nights on Naxos. So I have some recommendations.
    Our favorite meal in Naxos was at Taverna To Kastro, at the base of the Venetian Kastro fort area in the hora. The views overlooking the city and harbor are wonderful, especially at sunset, and the food was some of the best of our entire two weeks in Greece. My husband had the veal covered in a soft white cheese (which also had zucchini and potatoes in it, sort of like a casserole). He said it was his favorite dish of the entire trip. I had spaghetti carbonara, which was quite good though a more basic dish. We also shared tzatziki, bread, a half-liter white wine and a bottle of water. Our total bill was just 22 euros here. Everything just came together nicely here. The servers were very nice, the setting was great and the food was delicious.
    Our other two favorite meals in Naxos were at the only taverna in the town of Halki (Yaenni Taverna?) and our meal at the taverna on the beach at Mikri Vigli (they said the taverna is just called Mikri Vigli). The taverna in Halki is known for its grilled meats and the taverna in Mikri Vigli invited us into the kitchen to pick our dish. We shared some pork and potatoes there, which were delicious.
    In the hora, we also enjoyed our meal at the Vasilis Taverna on Old Market Street and Picasso, a Mexican restaurant. Corner Market and Food (on a street headed toward St. George Beach) has wonderful gyros for just 2.5 euros each.
    Now for the not-so-good.... We had a lunch of souvlaki at Popi's Grill on the Naxos harborfront. We thought the meat was fine, but bland. The tzatziki was quite good, but overall the meal was a little uninspired.
    Steer clear of The Good Heart, also a harborfront place. We ordered a half liter of white wine, which tasted spoiled. They replaced it for free with a half liter of the house red, which was a little better (but not much). The Greek salad and fish at this restaurant also just did not taste very fresh to us. With all the other great tavernas on the island, we wish we'd skipped this one.
    Lemon is a nice waterfront bar in the hora that we enjoyed wine at one night.
    One more tip: We went to the Domus Festival, which hosts musical performances a few times a week in the summer months in the Venetian fortress. The tickets cost about 20 euros each (including all-you-can drink wine and kitron during intermission), but the ambiance is beautiful and they really get some wonderful acts.
    Hope you have a fun time! Naxos was certainly one of the highlights of our two weeks in Greece.

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      Thank you so much for responding, because I really appreciate it! I am looking forward to your recommendations in August. I will report back when I return-last week of August. I am still trying to decide between staying at Chateau Zevgoli Hotel or Agios Prokopios hotel. Did you stay or eat at either one of these? Also, what made you and your husband pick Naxos? Again, thank you!

    2. Naxos is my favorite island in Greece an I go there when I need a holiday! I always stay a Hotel Grotta. Fantastic sea views, quite, pool. and only a short walk into the main town. Recommend you hire a car for 1 day, to see the rest of the island. Naxos has the best beaches in the whole of Greece, Agia Anna, for one. But I think you are going for the experience of Greece, which means being close to the town and making contact with the locals. The castle area is fantastic and full of history. Most of the tavernas are really good, just stay away from the waterfront ones!

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        Just got back from Naxos. On the waterfront in Naxos town, try Meze 2. Fresh shrimp fried to a crunch and grilled sardines. Really good food.