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Jun 4, 2008 07:58 PM

My 19th Birthday!!!

So my 19th birthday is coming out and I've been racking my brain of where to go out and eat with my friends. I know i want the Restaurant to be in DC but which one is still a mystery to me. I wanted some where not to expensive and with a nice surrounding atmosphere where a group of friends can just chill and talk. So far I've come up with Oya and Tabaq but I'm open to other suggestions if anyone can tell me about other and better places....please and thank you

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  1. Oya is a great choice, especially since you and your friends can take advantage of their $30 3-course menu (which is not only a great deal but tasty).

    Another fun option might be Jaleo for tapas or Zaytinya (which I personally don't love but everyone else seems to. Plus its a fun, vibrant atmosphere with outdoor seating). You should also check out Hudson. Again, they have outdoor seating and a moderatly priced menu.

    For very affordable and good Thai I like Regent Thai and Mai Thai. And if you guys are into Indian you can try Heritage. Heritage is good because you can share a bunch of entrees but also order off their very cheap street food menu.

    Have fun and Happy Birthday!!

    1. I second Regent Thai. I might get flack for this, but what about Lauriol Plaza? I am not crazy about their mexican dishes, but their cuban and peruvian dishes are really good, and it is affordable and if you can sit up on the outside part a lot of fun. Also what about Lebanese Taverna? Or Matchbox?

      Oya is a lot of fun though and their sushi and small plates can be very good, I had lobster ravioli or potstickers I forget, but it was really good. And I have had one really good sushi roll there and I forget which one it was.

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        sorry kt, but yes, flack for LP (unless you can get that seat on the roof).

        Regent is quite good. ask for the tray of dry spices if you really want to kick it up a notch.

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          I actually found a few dishes on the Lauriol Plaza menu that I like (a salmon with mango salsa and a chicken dish smothered in onions were tasty). Only problem is I'm not sure you can make reservations, which would make getting a seat a total gamble now that the warm weather is here. You can always give Lauriol Plaza a shot and then head over to Regent Thai if the wait is too long.

        2. Happy birthday unchie! I think you would enjoy going to OYA to celebrate your 19th. It's a cool atmosphere, good food, and perfect for a celebratory meal with friends.