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Jun 4, 2008 07:30 PM

Elkin, North Carolina Recs?

Will be in Elkin on the evening of June 13th. Can anyone recommend a decent dinner house, like mountain trout or something. Can't be too ethnic, as will be traveling with two elderly ladies who probably aren't the most adventurous of eaters.

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  1. Elkin native here. The dinner options there are few and far between. Although I've never been, I've heard a lot of good things about the restaurant at the Elkin Creek Vineyard which is open for lunch and dinner with sunday brunches.

    There are other wineries with restaurants attached in the surrounding area within 10 minutes drive. I had a good meal several years ago at Wolf's Lair, and a very bad meal/experience at Shelton Vineyards. Both are located in Dobson(10 mintues north in Surry County).

    For something more casual and lighter on the wallet, there's a restaurant across the river named Generations on business 21. It was the same owners of what used to be Rose's BBQ which is now occupied by a Lexington style bbq joint about a half mile down the street which could be good(not sure if it's open yet). These are all in Jonesville by the way.

    For coffee and sandwiches, there's Snickerdoodles downtown on Main St which despite the awful name, you can get a good cup of coffee or espresso and it's located in historic downtown and doubles as a local art gallery.

    Although you requested non-ethnic recommendations, my favorite place to eat REAL Mexican food is at a market directly across from Burger King on North Bridge St. I don't know the name of it, but their hand made/pressed and griddled to order tortillas are the way grandma would make them if she were Mexican.

    If it's still around, Harry's Bar is one of the last remaining Elkin icons. The front serves beer and wine, and in the back a casual diner with the usual southern lunch offerings. This place is legendary and well known for it's attitude and a sassy owner.

    I hope I didn't leave anything out.

    What brings you to Elkin, btw?

    1. I've enjoyed several excellent meals at Shelton Vineyards.

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        I hope for your sake it was under a different chef than the one that is there now. We were taken there around Christmas and it was the worst dining experience I've had to this day. Blue cheese and pecans found their way into at least 4 dishes on the menu. The prices were higher than most places in the triangle. Improper cooking techniques found their way into every dish that the 8 of us had. If you have lowered or no expectations whatsoe.ver I guess you could find it edible. But coming at it from a cook's point of view, it was culinary school type food with someone who hadn't graduated yet.

        1. re: initialdrew

          I've been twice since Christmas, so my experiences are more recent than yours, and my expectations are fine, thank you very much. Sorry you had a bad experience, but your snarky attitude should be toned down a bit.

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            I've been twice since Christmas, so my experiences are more recent than yours, and my expectations are just fine. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but you really need to tone down the snarky attitude a bit.

        2. So Elkin Creek Vinyard is still going strong? We had a couple of very nice meals there two summers ago. It's a bit fancy pants, but very nice. They only had their own wine (very good) and no beer. Is that still the way it is?

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            The Kitchen at Elkin Creek is still there but the original Chef has moved on. Not sure who's cooking there now but they'd be hard pressed to do a better job than Jesse Williams. I've heard that he is planning on opening a new restaurant at another winery in the area.

            1. re: starvingtoo

              Thanks for letting me know. It's really too bad - I liked Jesse - nice guy and excellent chef. Keep us posted on where he ends up.

              1. re: suse

                Hey Suse,
                I just heard that Jesse is now taking the helm at a restaurant in Winston called Winston's Eatery. It's downtown somewhere. Haven't heard much else but I saw a blog entry by the lady who writes the food column in the WS Journal that was pretty interesting.


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                  Thanks for the info. If i'm ever in Winston I'll stop by and check it out.

          2. Thanks one and all for your recommendations.
            initialdrew, to answer your question: Working for a hotel that flies a Hilton flag (Embassy Suite), I have to stay at a Hilton property, or pay market rates for a hotel, which my one-quarter Scotch blood won't cotton.
            Will drop my mother at the hotel, and then motor on up to Mouth-of-Wilson, where my cousin owns a campground (my tent will be ten feet from the river) and where our family reunion takes place Saturday. We go to Shatley Springs for breakfast on Sat. morning, and then have a potluck on Saturday pm, with maybe some Scotch whiskey and some guitar music thrown in.
            Elkin is kind of on the the way from Concord, and my family has definite Elkin connections. At one time, one great-uncle was Treasurer of Chatham, another owned a big oil company in town, a third was the police chief, and a fourth was the postmaster.
            My mother relates that my grandfather was caddying for Hugh Chatham and P.F.Hanes one day. Somebody made some sort of remark and my grandfather jumped in with his two cents. Hugh Chatham said to my grandfather, "you know, Grover (my grandfather's name, after the Democrat president), you shouldn't be working in the mill; you should go on down to Durham and get in divinity school." Which is what my grandfather did, and was a Methodist minister for fifty years afterwards.
            They're all Grahams, btw. Know any Grahams?

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              Good story great grandmother worked for Hugh Chatham and I know a few of the remaining Chathams, but unfortunately not any Grahams. I'll ask my mother next time I see her, though. Have fun in Elkin.

              Oh, and carolinadawg, snarky is the only attitude that I know.


              1. re: mrwaterslide

                Hi, mrwaterslide, I believe you are related to the Grahams who lived across the street from us for years (before we moved to our farm 10 miles from town.) Your great-uncle Hardy lived at the end of our street, your uncle or great-uncle Herbert lived two doors away. The Graham family home was on the corner of Gwyn and North Bridge. And, we just had a fabulous meal at Twenty-one & Main last Friday and are returning this Friday for our 38th anniversary.

                1. re: Bossmare

                  Sorry to be so long getting back. You are spot on with the Grahams. Grover was my grandfather, and Hardy and Herbert were his brothers. My grandfather was a notorious teetotaler (as well-befitted a Methodist minister) and certain adjustments had to be made when he came around. My mother's memories of Elkin stem mostly from Gramps stint as the paster of the Jonesville Methodist Church. Just yesterday she got a phone call inviting her to a Jonesville reunion, so maybe she and her sister will be back up that way. Thanks for the info.
                  Best, John Van Noate

              2. Just to give you folks an update: I made reservations at The Kitchen at Elkin Creek Vineyard. However, I left a voicemail. They said they would call back but never did. I was late getting back from the river to pick up my mother and her college roommate, and got lost lookiing for the house where I was supposed to meet them. In doing so I drove past this place downtown called Twenty One and Main. It looked like a nice place, and the people going in were well-dressed. I had tried to find a phone number for The Kitchen at Elkin Creek but there was none listed, and I didn't have time to get back online, so I blew them off, and took the girls (two ladies in their eighties) to the restaurant downtown.
                It really was a nice place. Had only been open since Tuesday, but the service was not bad at all---appetizers came out fairly quickly, there was a nice wine list, understated decor in a rehabbed old building, outside seating in a vacant lot to the east, not load, candles, decent prices. The food was very nicely presented, with small unexpected details---two kinds of flavored oil with the bread, plus homemade pimento cheese, a wasabi seaweed salad with the tempura shrimp, and etc. I'm not saying its the greatest thing, but quite a decent offering for that part of the world, and much better, and more reasonably priced, than anything we have here in Concord, NC. Look forward to hearing from others who try it.