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Jun 4, 2008 07:25 PM

Fresh Fruit Pies in Calgary

I am not interested in Simple Simon Pies.... I want to know where I can get some fresh fruit pies in Calgary?

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    1. - I have had their products before - they are superb - I found them at the Cochrane Farmers market but seems they have a lot of locations in town.

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        Just had one of their apple pies from the farmer's market in Bearspaw and it's a pretty good pie with a slightly salty crust (in a good way), nice that they source local and organic as much as possible. Talked to the lady there and she says that they are going to be at the Northland's market on Tuesdays and the Millarville's market on Saturdays.

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          Good to know thanks slingshotz - I was just thinking I had to remember to go to Northland tomorrow since I think it's the first week for their market; now I have another reason to go... lots of inlaws staying with me this week (some have been here since mid may) so I think some pies are just what the doctor ordered ;)

      2. Pies Plus in Avenida (12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE).

        1. swiftys in douglasdale has some pretty good pies too.
          or the saskatoon farm, not really in calgary but just a few minutes south. their saskatoon pie is especially good, go figure, as are their saskatoon butter tarts.

          1. Sunterra sells reasonably good, but not great, fruit pies (which partially balances out their shockingly awful baguettes). Up until last Summer there was a place in Bragg Creek that sold excellent fruit pies, but nothing has replaced them as far as I know.

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              Sunterra's are not bad. I've bought them in a pinch, I usually make my own pies. Just watch the packaging carefully; twice we've purchased pies and they weren't what the label said they were.

              Decadent Desserts have pretty good pies.