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Where to eat with 12 year old during San Fran trip

I am travelling with my wife and and 12 year old boy for July 2-6. We will be staying at the Argonaut in Fisherman's Wharf. I d like to know the best places to have breakfast around there. And the most fun places to eat within commuting distance. Looking for great food but a place I can take a 12 year old. Thanks.

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  1. Well, for lunch I'd hit Boudin at least once. The best restaurant an easy walk from the Argonaut is almost unquestionably Ana Mondara. Like everything in the area, it is overpriced for what it is because it is touristy. But the food is undeniably good, and the room is absolutely gorgeous.

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      I was going to recommend precisely the same place - Boudin: the demonstration bakery may fascinate your 12-year-old.

    2. Fog City Diner - very nearby

      1. *** It should be noted that my above post should say "...the second best restaurant an easy walk from the Argonaut is probably Ana Mondara..."

        But something tells me the best restaurant which is an easy walk (Gary Danko) is not in the cards ;-)

        1. My 12 year old would love In N Out Burger. Go on line for the "secret" menu.

          1. On Saturday morning you can hop on the street car and stop by the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market which has lots of vendors booths and bakeries and have a great breakfast.

            You will probably see Lori's Diner ... it doesn't get high marks though I have never been to that location. Probably best would be going to North Beach for breakfast. Mama's is popular.

            1. I think kids would love strolling through Chinatown & eating dim sum. My 12 yr old just went last week on a field trip with her class (related to book they're reading) & they ate at the Oriental Pearl (all 72 of them but not sure if they had dim sum). My suggestion would be Great Eastern, good, inexpensive & both dim sum and a la carte available.

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                Gold Mountain (644 Broadway at Stockton) is another good Dim Sum option. There is a cool pet store a few doors down - lots of fish. Took two twelve year olds to both recently and they loved it.

              2. what about the Rainforest Cafe? I've never been, and it's a chain that is probably known more for it's jungle-like ambiance than the food. I believe there is one in the Fisherman's Wharf area.

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                  Sadly, I can attest that there is a Rainforest Cafe in the Wharf area. My nieces insisted on going there for a bday dinner - they thoroughly enjoyed it, I was beside myself! I agree with the suggestion of Boudin. If you do a search for Fisherman's Wharf, you will find a lot of information. Chinatown always seems to be a big hit with kids - my nieces loved Yank Sing for dim sum. It is very "dim sum novice friendly".

                2. Taylor's Refresher in the Ferry Building. Good for kids and the food's pretty good, too.

                  If you go to the Sunday morning plant market (not the Saturday farmers market) the booth with carnivorous plants is worth a look.

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                    Where is that booth? My 6 year old is really into carnivorous plants after getting a book about them from the library... Maybe that would change his mind about getting dragged to the farmers' market all the time.

                  2. There is a Fisherman's Wharf IHOP. If your family gets 3-day MUNI passes, then you have the F street car, the cable car and buses options. you can cable up Hyde to Zarzuela, Luella, Frascati, sushi, Za Pizza! and Swenson's ice cream. If the cable car line is too long, walk over to the Maritiime museum and pick up the 19 and go up Polk. Weekend brunches at Le Petit Robert, Polkers, Rex Cafe. Evening options are Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, seafood. Or the 30 bus to the Marina: Jake's Steaks, Izzy's Steakhouse, A16. My preferred breakfast would be at a Ghiridelli hot fudge sundae.

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                      Ah, himbeer ... one of these days i wll try that Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae. It is on my list despite the miserable reputation that Ghiradelli has.

                      Anyway, a little digression for you. Orson sells himbeer reisetbauer eau-de-vie. I thought of you when I saw that. Pricy little drink at $22.

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                        I wouldn't think a 12 year old would find much exciting about The Marina. It does have two incredible restaurants (A16 and Laiola) but I wouldn't take a 12 year old to either of those places... *certainly* not on a Friday or Saturday night. 16? Yes, would love it. 12? Not a chance, I think.

                      2. Slanted Door at the Ferry Plaza! Very kid friendly, and the food is ridiculously good. And then you can go along the marketplace for dessert like gelato, or a little cake from Miette, or chocolates. Fun to watch the ferry come in and out.