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Dec 22, 2002 07:46 PM


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Okay, so I couldn't care less about seeing stars growing up in LA. However, I have friends coming into town that want to see stars if possible. Aside from sitting out under the dark sky, what restaurants would you say have the most star sightings, aside from somewhere obvious like Spago? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. You won't see a lot of first tier stars there, but there are a ton of mid-range names at Il Sole on Sunset. Personally, I don't like the food there much but the atmosphere is pleasant.

    Les Deux Cafes seems to attract a reasonable number as well. It's a nice place, too. That's probably where I'd choose. It's still a very cool place even if you don't catch any celebrities.

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      actually - you have a better chance spotting celebrities at either the Ralph's at Coldwater and Ventura or the Gelson's at Riverside and Laurel Canyon.

      The again, when we went to PF Chang's @ the Sherman Oaks Galleria (and a lousy *ahem* Chinese" meal at that), we saw a table that had 3 couples: The Peter Falks, the Richard Crennas, and the Dick Van Dykes. Now THAT was a power dinner.....

      1. re: Mr. Man

        Freddie Prinze Jr. & Sarah Michelle Gellar were at Asanebo the last time I was there.

        A trick to seeing sitcom stars reliably in the wild is to stake out a restaurant near the studio starting around 10pm on show night. (Tues. or Friday, depending on the series.) The bar at Pinot Hollywood would be the place for Paramount shows. Not sure what would be the best bet for shows that tape at the Radford lot, but Jerry Seinfeld used to hold court after every shoot at Jerry's Deli on Ventura, so I guess it could still be a good choice.

        Might try Nobu/Malibu on a Saturday to try to catch them when they're at the beach for the weekend.

        1. re: Due West

          Last time I passed by Studio City Jerry's they were closed for remodeling - looked like they had a fire.

          I saw one of the CBS sitcom celebs (can't remember who) at Dupars at Laurel and Ventura a few years ago - that's pretty close to Radford too.

          I've also seen Laura San Giacomo with family on more than one occasion at Art's Deli down Ventura.

          1. re: Jeff S.

            Despite being an LA native who should be totally jaded, I'm shameless about this issue. So here goes:

            * Fred Segal, both locations.
            * Farmer's Market used to be good for interesting sightings (Jonathan Richman comes to mind) but that was during the pre-Grove era. Famous folks still go to the Grove, however (Sharon Osborne last month).
            * You're almost always guaranteed a good sighting (or two or three) if you spend an hour at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Ivar during peak times. Which is exactly when *not* to go, but hey, you've got priorities. A friend always sees celebs at nearby Mayfair Market on Franklin.
            * Canter's Deli. Friends spotted Liza and hubby there a couple weeks back for a late Tuesday night dinner--no joke! Seen many a celeb there over the years myself.
            * For the surviving alta kaker posse, try Nate n'Al's in Beverly Hills.
            * Ammo's supposedly an it joint for the young Hollywood hipster crowd.
            * A reliable celeb magnet is Barney's, either strolling around the store or for a (pricey) nosh at Barney Greengrass.
            The already mentioned fancy shmancies (Spago, Ivys, Campanile, The Grill) are certainly a good bet, especially if you want to see industry heavy hitters, too. I've got plenty more but this should work for now.

            1. re: Jessica Ritz

              A friend always sees celebs at nearby Mayfair Market on Franklin.>>
              Lots of younger celebs can be seen particularly at mealtime in the blocks between Vista Del Mar (101 Coffee Shop) and Mayfair on Franklin.

        2. re: Mr. Man
          Jon Leventhal

          I guess money and fame don't buy good taste :^)


      2. Nobu Malibu... one of the truly disappointing food restaurants in town, is a good place to catch a celeb... last time I was there, John Cusack was at the next table. It is your typical trendy type place.

        Also it has been reliably reported that Ray Romano is a regular at Sushi Nozawa when his show is taping. Nozawa does have a fairly regular "industry" clientele.

        The Ivy (both locations) have also consistently served up celebs.

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          John Cusack must be a regular at Nobu - I saw him there a few weeks ago, as well as Michael Rappaport. More celebrities than I typically run into on an evening out.

        2. Try these:

          Cat & Fiddle on Sunset, esp. for Brits.
          The Ivy.
          Newsroom Cafe. (maybe)

          1. I used to work in Westwood in the same building as Toscana on San Vicente. As a result, I ate lunch there with coworkers quite often. Celeb sightings were so frequent that we were suprised if we didn't see somebody. Ahhhnold seemed to chow there with several equally pumped pals at least once a week.

            1. crustacean in beverly hills

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                Have a drink but be sure to eat somewhere else.