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Jun 4, 2008 06:59 PM

New England Food Festivals

I am in Connecticut and looking to plan a couple of trips around food festivals summer and fall

been scouring the net and hard to find a consistent list of events.....

can anyone help out here?

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  1. I was at two last summer: Yarmouth clam festival (yarmouth, ME) and the lobster festival up in rockland, maine.

    Both are pretty standard - clam fest has arts and crafts for sale...don't really remember if the lobster fest had any shopping available. There is always plenty of food though!

    The clam fest is very family friendly, they have tons of rides and stuff set up.

    The lobster fest also has rides and fireworks too -

    1. St Spiridon (sp) Greek festival in Worcester this weekend.

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        Isn't the Newport chowder fest this weekend as well?

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          Newport, RI chowder fest this weekend...

        2. Every town on the coast of Maine, and lots inland, have festivals. Google the town, Maine tourism of Downeast Mag. Ellsworth a salmon festival, Machias blueberry.

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            Lowell, MA has a great Folk Festival every summer. There are lots of ethnic food stalls with most being Asian. There are also a lot of craft exhibits and pretty good musical entertainment. This is the best summer festival that I've been able to find.

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              North Atlantic Blues Festival, Rockland, Me second week in July; WERU Full Circle fair 7/27 and and Shang ra la the week after at the Blue Hill Fair grounds.

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                re. Lowell Folk Festival food: On JFK plaza, we love the Polish food booth and the Jamaican booth for good food. The Greek booth is also good and the Portugese booth often has octopus stew and grilled sardines.

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                  Lowell International Folk Festival is fantastic. I would not really call it a food festival, but they have fabulous ethnic food there, and you get the real thing. Last summer we had Filipino, Greek, Cambodian, southern BBQ,Caribbean, and more. Everything was wonderful, reasonably priced, and we felt we were supporting a good cause. The music and dance are great too.

              2. Hmm... since a lot of them are spread by ethnicity, it would be tough to find a full list.. greek festivals have their own network, North End feasts in Boston theirs, etc. I suspect you've hit the best path by just asking here. Greek festival in Arlington, MA this weekend!

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                  There's also the Chew Chew Fest in Burlington, Vermont at the end of the month:


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                    This looks fun and I love the spirit of keeping prices low and portions small. I love that vendors have to add a new menu item each year and not repeat. And there's music. I'm definitely checking this one out...

                2. Duh! The Bangor Folk Festival was a national event a couple of years back. It still is held in Aug. is free, and has lots of street food.