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Jun 4, 2008 06:49 PM


I saw Iron Chef America battle Rice last Sunday and Mario made a Korean dish called Bibimbap. It look amazing.

Has anyone ever had a decent version at a Korean restaurant preferably in Orange County. I must try this dish!!!!

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  1. Sorry, can't recommend any in orange county, but if you're ever up for a field trip to Koreatown in LA, I highly recommend Jeonju restaurant, at the corner of Olympic and Vermont. (it's in a little minimall west of Vermont on Olympic, next to Hannam Chain Market World; it's in together with Sogongdong Soondubu, a video store, a coffee shop, a few couple other things (meat store? that might have been gone for a while...) There's probably about 500 places to eat bibimbap in K-town (an underestimate?) but Jeonju is a great combination of friendly, tasty, cheap, slightly ambient, english-friendly, and they also have lots of other good dishes to try if you're in the mood for stews!
    Hopefully someone else can help out with a place closer to you-- just had to put in a plug for Jeonju :)

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      Jeon Ju is the restaurant of the Stone Pot, it has lots of soups as well as other dishes that are featured in Stone Pots... But yes, I love their Bimbimbap... :)


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        I would think the hot stone pot is a must because it creates the crunchiness of the rice from the extreme heat.

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          Yes, for me that makes the Best Bimbimbap... however, I've had it at the stand from the farmer's market and from fast food places where it's just FINE out of a styrofoam container... ;) I mean.. doesn't this look GOOOOOOD?

          For me, it's about the mixture of flavors and textures... but yes, the crunchy rice bits send me over the moon...


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            that is not fair to show a picture os something so delicious when I am so hungry! Oh i want to eat that right now.

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              Damn. That looks ridiculously delicious!!!

      2. I know there are quite a few Korean places at the edge of Buena Park near Fullerton. Maybe on Beach near the boarder of the cities? Perhaps someone else can help with specific places. I've only ever had Bibimbap at a place on Sawtelle.

        1. any kbbq joint will have bibimbap, always try to get the kind that's sizzling in a stone pot or "dolsot bibimbap." but be prepared, mario batali's version was (surprise surprise) not exactly traditional. his was lacking in sesame oil (i saw him use OLIVE OIL????) and in the normal lashings of super spicy sweet red chile sauce.

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            Both the Koreatown Plaza and the Koreatown Galleria have food courts where you will find various restaurants serving their own versions of bibimbap.

            Go during a meal hour and before you order you can walk among the tables of people eating to see what looks good. Sometimes I will even ask someone eating from where they ordered a particular dish; most people are extremely friendly and enjoy talking about their food selection.

            While this might not offer you the best bibimbap you can find in LA, it offers a friendly environment to sample this and other Korean dishes.

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              I was also disapointed that Alton initially didn't know what it was!! I keep screaming to the Tee Vee.... It's Bimbimbap Ijit!


            2. I'm not Korean, but it seems to me bibimbap is the "soup du jour" of Korean food; you'll find it in almost ANY non-specialty Korean place. The basic idea is, ingredients-we-have-laying-around over rice. It's certainly all over Koreatown, but I'm actually very fond of the version at the Korean stand at the LA Farmer's Market. It's become my standard pre-Grove movie meal.


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                I enjoy the grove Bimbimbap as well... for me it's more like a rice salad though... I've had lots of Bimbimbap at Korean restaurants both sit down and fast food. But a PROPER Dol Sot Bimbimbap is truly a work of art and totally highlights the cuisine of Korea .


              2. The BEST Bimbimbap I've had in the OC wasn't actually at a Korean Restaurant but Japanese one called Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley. It's Korean BBQ done up Japanese Style and they have a Dol Sot Bimbimbap on their menu. TOTALLY worth the trip. Bimbimbap is one of the foods of my SOUL...