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Jun 4, 2008 06:20 PM

Recommendations for Greenville SC

We are visiting inlaws in a few weeks and are looking for a good Friday night dinner. I have read most of the recents postings and as with many cities, there are many choices with little consensus. Can anyone comment on this list pro/con or add additional choices?

O - sounds a bit pricey for mostly steaks and "city food"
AM - sounds great but too pricey for the area.
Sobys - we like it for the price point (good, medium range, not cutting edge)
Deverauxs looks interesting as does these:

Augusta Grill
33 Liberty

Thanks for any tips.

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  1. Go directly to 33 Liberty. Do not pass "GO". Do not collect $200.00. You will have one of the best meals you have ever had. Say hello to John for me.

    1. You won't go wrong with Dev's. I like 33 liberty also. For lunch try "Two Chefs" super great lunch.

      Latitude's by Falls Park has a great lunch. Also a great dinner. I eat there often and would like to hear what you say about them.

      I just posted about Brown Street Jazz Club. Great steak, service and music.

      High Cotten is good. Ask for a Butchers Plate. Great light meal with a galss of wine.

      The only great sushi is Marisaki at cherrydale plaza.

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      1. re: JB BANNISTER

        I second Two Chefs for lunch. I love their salad sampler (3 choices from the case) and it comes with the best roll ever. It's sweet and fresh and smells like a donut...

      2. by AM, do you mean American Grocery? If so, you nailed's good, very pricey. I personnally don't think much of Sobys. Devereaux is pretty good, but also unnecessarily high, as is Wine Cafe (not on your list.) Lemongrass is acceptable Thai, but nothing special.

        I think 33 Liberty is the best food on your list, I'd pick that unless you just have to be downtown.

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        1. re: danna

          Thanks for all the tips. Yes AM=American Grocery. We don't mind top dollar meals but won't spend that kind of money until our annual Charleston trip where we go for the very best. The Wine Cafe menu looked more pricey then what we are looking for in Greenville.

          No one mentioned Augusta Grill so I am guessing it isn't popular with the folks who know good food. I have read several pans of Sobys and I fully understand, however we have always enjoyed it as a medium priced experience and it is a fun place.

          Unless I hear any compelling reason otherwise, we will try 33.

          1. re: megabytes

            The Chef at 33 cooked at Augusta Grill years ago before he opened his own place. since he left, you dont' hear anything about it.