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Jun 4, 2008 05:54 PM

Noce (Italian, Toronto)

The few things that have been said about this Italian restaurant have been generally positive on here. A quick glance at their online menu suggests a very heavy beef-focus.

I'm making a trip and just wondering from those who have been there -- what should I order? and is their online menu current? I am not crazy about veal but anything else goes.

Also, I will try to take some pictures if I can avoid causing any disturbance. Though at $45+ for a tenderloin I'm not sure there will be much to photograph.

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  1. All of the following are excellent:

    Grilled Radicchio salad
    Sea Scallops w/ Foie Gras
    Mushroom Ravioli in Truffle Butter (must try!)
    Braised Veal Cheeks (sorry)

    1. I agree that the mushroom ravioli is a must try! I believe my husband had the osso bucco and loved it. My Mom had a fish (sorry I can't recall which one) and also loved it. The food, service and atmosphere are top notch at Noce.

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        I have not been to Noce in about a year, but have eaten there about a dozen times, (close to work) and found the atmosphere very pleasant, but the food just O.K
        Have they changed their menu, or changed chefs?

      2. I thought this place was really nice. I probably wouldn't go back, but that's only because of personal tastes. To me, cornish hen and porterhouse steak just isn't what I am looking for when I think "Italian" -- probably just because I am ignorant of Italian food. Of the six of us, everyone happened to stick to fish/starch anyway (and one ossobuco) with a bit of carpaccio to start. Everything we ordered was fantastic. The gnocchi was super delicious but the portion was huge (and of course gnocchi is extremely filling). Service was sophisticated, prompt, and polite.

        Their online menu is not up-to-date but it's about 50% similar to their current menu (which I think is ever so slightly larger.)